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Mae Fdfd
In the Western Gregorian calendar Nike sko Herre
Posted March 19, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
In the Western Gregorian calendar,Køb Nike sko the time is portrayed as a number axis, the origin is clearly discernible, and the starting and ending points are infinitely extended. The brief moment of our life is more humble, and the journey of destiny is fixed. However, the lunar Nike sko Herre calendar cleverly escaped this desperate judgment, using a round shape, year after year, loop back and forth, sixty Jiazi, a big turn. Suddenly there was a buffer in the short-lived life. There was a possibility that beauty, hope, pain and joy would be repeated in the process. The reluctant abandonment of lamentations added to the deja vu's familiar beauty upon return.
Childhood is always warm. The northern winter is long and white, counting from the winter solstice nine years ago, we entered the countdown to the year. During the Chinese New Year, not only can you eat only the food you enjoy Køb Nike sko in your dreams, you can wear pure new clothes like snow. You can also go to the relatives'Nike sko Herre family to play far or near. Counting lots of lucky money . More importantly, do not have to get up early each day, into the cage-like classroom; do not need to carry his hand to listen, always doing endless work. A holiday, the field has become our home, wanton run, crazy smile, endless, want to what what. Cold north wind stepped on at the foot of the cold wind was sucked into his mouth, clouds floating on the sky, the earth scattered incense. Years, swaying happy, sunk into the life of wine.
When it is time for love to fall in love, it becomes the window where young lovers miss each other. Looking at the other side to sit on the train until the roar of the engine, tears suddenly, then we can understand the recitation of a first love poem: from the so-called Iraqis, one day to see the water side, such as Samcheong Xi, Dongfeng weakness to Zhuangsheng Xiao Meng, Wang emperor spring. Used to infiltrate the affection of the years, but I do not know love is also germination. Year, worried about, witness our growth. It is now, miss her, still indifferent to independence.
After getting married, the appearance of the year Nike sko Dame suddenly matures. Always in a hurry and responsibility, coping and panic mixed situation, ushered in a year. Parents white hair, nagging love wife, children's eagerly, colleague's entertainment, friend's gatherings, the system in this short but tense holiday. Suddenly found that my father looked at my eyes and my affectionate gaze is too much the same daughter, while the daughter nestled in the arms of his wife Jiao Jiao with his childhood was reprimanded by his father, how many different. At this time, the taste of children like sugar, water that is; like sauce, thick as porridge; like vinegar, sour and chilled again and again. In this way, at the poker table, after waking up, busy, the years passed.
People say that modern technology is modernized when it is armed to the mind. But I found that just a cell phone, the family dinner on the less a lot of laughter. What's more, the year, only stopped in middle age.
In previous years, is the cold day of the puppy crying, and now the year is the willow yellow warm winter; before the year is to smell the taste of tofu meatballs to be satisfied with the innocent, and now the year is Table full of delicacies are unattended in a hurry; the previous year, is filled with baskets of snow and sky walking friends and relatives, as always, the current year is warm as the spring holding a cell phone robbed red envelope hysteria. We are not afraid of distance, never lack of blessings, but most people like me the same doubts, when the blessing from the New Year into a paste, everyone a key mass sincerity.
In the late afternoon, my daughter suddenly asked me, what do you think about the six-year-old who is not on the Spring Festival Evening? I looked at her, thinking the answer to the question, only to hear loud shouting on television:
Nike sko Dame
Mae Fdfd
Posted March 19, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
It has not snowed yet,PARAJUMPERS Jakke and some people have not gone far. Will the winter be closer? Suddenly found that so many people around to defend the body, and now can only speak on the side of the few that we become indifferent or numb, or too many worldly things to be wrapped,DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK do not imagine this world Is too good, she is not the beauty of your childhood, that time for a long time, for a long time you have no mood to touch it. From what time, you become indifferent, warm heart, forced to cold water too many times, no longer warm up. Since when you become indifferent, that kind of innocence, has long been years of ruthless corrosion to the appalling, so DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK you decide to learn to be PARAJUMPERS Jakke independent, cruel up, the injured heart, with their own temperature to Warm up licking, the world does not owe you, you also owe no one.
No matter how much heaviness you have PARAJUMPERS DAME suffered in your heart, tell yourself that you are good and that you have everything that many people do not have. There are so kind friends, so love your family, there are so many people who hurt you, there are so worthy of your own people, there are so quietly behind you to pay people, contentment.
Mae Fdfd
Flow years without trace Køb Nike sko
Posted March 16, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
Flow years without trace,Køb Nike sko Love is thriving. Flow freely, easily promised, easily faded, such as time Køb Nike sko line, we may not catch the time tail, but it can be felt through the needle at the moment of its temperature, we can also use their own heart to determine the silk silk in life Pricking patterns on the Nike sko Dame cloth, or beautiful, or depression, it is the natural spirituality to give our treasure. As life and death die,Nike sko Dame the butterflies flying sea, compared to those little creatures, we live in nature for too long, too long. However, the Millennium dynasty seems to be floating in the sky and the twinkling of an eye. However, there are still some twists and turns in the world. There are moments in a hurry. As passers-by, there are Nike sko Herre times when there are things that we can not regret or regret, but what we can do Is worthy of the heart, do everything they can to do what they want to do: go to their long-awaited holy places, love their loved ones, indulge their crazy, comfort their own solitary year and a year, a day One day, old age, and memory of those people, those landscapes never fade, until sunset, in the bustling loneliness, to find the initial move or spiritual.
March peach Yao, cherry dance in April; July flow fire, the moon in August. Fleeting Yi Lao, prompting Shao Hua perishable. Qing Shiban, who left behind the footprints, memories of the juvenile, have grown up in a flash Instant Su Qian, under the Bodhi tree to find a clean, look back the way, quiet meditation, praying for memory worthy of the time, is willing to footprints Erase In the silence of the first met when the bustling. Once you've loved someone, you can have a memory. Those lost time can become more lovely in the beauty of the year. If you have missed someone, you will regret the fact that you have to leave something in your life Regret, or how remembered once frivolous?
Fortunate that we are already at the most sensitive age, knowing that it is impossible to realize some dreams and some will eventually miss out. In this case, when everything happens, we only leave regret without regret, regretting the original choice or regret not cherished. Some people miss it, miss it, and fail to grasp it. Some things, not a second choice, can be the result, destiny, if these two words are not the wrong amnesty card, but the choice of monument.
Too many people or things exist only in the history books, but unfortunately history books are too fake. Those who preceded the past in the descendants of the transfer or polish in the long lost the first Fanghua, is full clothing, cover the story of the first. As Bei Ya broken string for the sub-period, descendants no fortunate to appreciate the song 'mountain water' grace; Ji Kang before the prelude to the song 'Guangling San' Road to do all sorts of melancholy, for their own country, 'Guangling San' Jue, Ji Kang funeral; Even the first widely circulated 'plum three get' but also in the changes of the times lost the first rhyme. So we are in the imagination to be polite, try to restore those who really, in sadness, loneliness to find a music close to the heart, easily stroked a moment of sadness, momentary moment of peace.
May pomegranate, June; August Gui Gui, September Qiu Ju. Creatures with its unique form and timing growth, proliferation, life will also be changed in these seasons alternating from March peach blossom to tea, from looking for the other side like the plum, such as the sword, blooming flowers, How many Merry young. In the end, he will not get old in love with the old age. When the autumn wind blows across the garden, the lotus remains in the garden until late autumn. We have also done the spectators of the flowers and insects of the Three Autumn Flowers and Birds watching them interpret the life and narrate the legend.
I can not do that test to leave the name of the person in the history book, but I hope I can find a clear pool in the middle of the park, do a fish tour. Can not do the kiosk net plant Honglian, but also in the vast land can find a place to shelter, in the midst of the sky free, do what you want to do, weaving their own dreams. Only the more distance will be more 蹉 描 跎 跎, miss more and more will be more thin, so do not cling to the temporary sadness. Memories of the initial state of mind in the twilight scene, the road encounter a throbbing throb, and missed people meet in memory, and time, passing together to write a non-gorgeous but elegant movement. Although such an old age is not worth mentioning, it is enough to have touched the rest of my life.
Nike sko Herre
Mae Fdfd
After returning home from work PARAJUMPERS Jakke
Posted March 16, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
After returning home from work,PARAJUMPERS Jakke my mother has prepared meals. We have a family of four people sitting around the dinner table. The food is very simple. There is DAME PARAJUMPERS JULIET BLUE BLACK a plate of green pepper fried shreds, a plate of fried eggplant,PARAJUMPERS DAME a bowl of tomato egg soup, and a pickled cucumber Films, there are well-known meat and soup, simple, really good! Not much to eat Chinese food, the stomach has long been hungry, went home to eat some of his son's snack, count pad bottom, filled with a bowl of fragrant rice Rice, sitting on a stool, the mother's cooking is always so superb, and then simple ingredients, to her hands can become delicious cuisine. I caught a little green pepper pork on his mouth savored, or the kind of familiar taste, reveals a maternal taste! Recently the throat has been uncomfortable, so the diet is very light, even if the green pepper pork and rice, I still Not dare to eat, a kind of strong spicy straight channeling my throat, could not help but cough PARAJUMPERS DAME a few times, my mother said to let me go to clip that dish is not noticeable pickled cucumber slices, green cucumber is cut into Thick slices of uniform, very random piled in the plate, because the salt for a few minutes, so the cucumber slices look a little raw, the chopped garlic foam with a fragrant oil The cucumber slices, even the soup is green, clip a chopstick in his mouth, an instant fragrance filled my mouth, simply appetite, as if all the exhaustion suddenly vanished, the tongue on the delicious My favorite pickled cucumber slices! Simply ordinary, but it can not help but to slowly aftertaste, that stay in the faint fragrance of the lips and teeth! Maternal love is not so ?, If the water is clear, such as Enthusiasm, such as the mountain calm, as wide as the sea! Would like PARAJUMPERS Jakke to do a dish that is simple and delicious pickled cucumber, do not need to dress up deliberately, but can impress people!
Mae Fdfd
Memory is the most profound Nike sko Herre
Posted March 15, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
Memory is the most profound,Nike sko Dame we often buy a pair of pairs of cool drinks, one and a half, points to eat, eat a root, then buy one, one and a half,Nike sko Herre points to eat. At that time, we do not feel cold, but take for granted. We have joked that even when we are old, we must not forget the habit we once had. So many years later when eating that kind of cold drinks, I will think of her, think of when we were cheerful smile. Moreover, I have never eaten with others that kind of cold drinks, even if can not eat to throw away, nor assigned to others.
At that time, people are very sincere, children and children also have no grudges, freedom Nike sko Dame and freedom. Occasional holidays, she will be a car, from far away to my home, and my family get along well; I will go to her house guest, and her family get along well-being. Now want to come, at that time, not only between us as friends, became a sense of the sister.
Those young days, we Køb Nike sko have to sway together, that youth will never be lost, thinking that distance will never let us apart. We climb mountains, play together, have fun together. We also quarrel, but, as soon as we meet, we almost forget the unpleasantness of the previous second. Because Nike sko Herre of my stubbornness, because of her optimism, we down the way, for a long time.
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