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Mae Fdfd
Posted March 13, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
Accustomed to get up early, after washing is completed, for the mother side of the tea water, breakfast this meal can not be vague, it is necessary to eat, but also pay attention to nutritional intake, old people,Køb Nike sko the body function than before, proper nutrition Auxiliary, in order to ensure that the human body is often used in this new machine.
After dinner,Nike sko Herre the two olds hurriedly rushed to school (watching TV). After retiring, they did not forget to charge them. In their words, the television is like an encyclopedia, so they can learn a lot about human health and geography and culture from all walks of life. When they were young, they went to quite a few places, were old, and rarely went out for safety. They could enjoy the scenery all over the world at home through television. Take a look at the small bridges in the south of the river, winding path corridors, Nong soft Jiangnan Sizhu southern rhyme; go boating in the North Sea, Jingshan release song, Beijing Cavalry Beijing step by step also tend to be passionate! Rest a while, come back to a Venus talk show, to enjoy a supermodel fashion show.
At half past nine and half past three in the afternoon, when Lao Lao was able to exercise his body, their own set of health exercises was not only savored, but also the body sculpted. Look at my parents lumbar upright, light body, where the elderly like the 80s? When his great-grandmother was 103 years old, his parents and mother's mental state would surely create a brilliant future on the centenary record of the ancestors.
Everyday lunch I have to be carefully modulated, not only focus on color and fragrance, the most important thing is to fine soft. Parents age high, the teeth are not very good, therefore, cooking not only pay attention to nutrition and delicious, but also to consider the elderly to chew and swallow.
Winter lunch break, parents do not rest. Filling a cup of coffee to mention the old man, this time in the afternoon, first lock the humanities this column. Enjoy a tour of generations of painting master Qi Baishi Master shrimp, Zhang Daqian lay lotus, Landscape Master Lu Yanshao landscape painting and then go to learn to understand do not take the usual way of Apple's father - Steve Jobs's legendary life, tough guy Putin actually tender tender water
When the dramatist and translator, Jiguangyin, were traced back together with the TV program with Confucianism and lifelong righteousness, when Liang Shu-ming, a civil servant who pleaded not forcibly to the public, That is to the parents brought spiritual heart can never be wounded and hurt.
Three o'clock, the preparation of the juice to my parents run the throat, and I like to use a variety of fruits together, together with a little fruit and vegetable things, such as water chestnuts, carrots, etc., so mixed one shot out of the juice, not only nutrition Rich and palatable, palatable is treasures!
After half an hour of exercise at the end of the afternoon, proceed to the next round of colorful South American trip; or to the skyscraper's hometown - Chicago; or soaring New Zealand. In short, with you. Elated to Krabi? Or to experience the novelty of Guam? Let you pick. However, I most want to go to Hawaii, where I am not attracted to places of interest, but it is uniquely beautiful environment, as well as Hawaiian honest hospitality.
Parents white first together, only the same did not seek well, my father likes to eat noodles at night, while her mother likes to drink a little boiled sparse millet gruel, she would eat noodles heartburn. The same dinner they can be jointly carried out, that is, dumplings.
After dinner, Swordsman debut, which made a lot of comedians, including the cold naughty Sun Jianhong Trilogy collection <Latin> <Madou> <rivers and lakes>, funny humor, Hi burst the audience in 2015 was named Oriental Satellite TV first quarter Swordsman Finals champion, the original 100 joke mode coupled with the title of naughty smirk, quickly became a laugh Lost a discovery, as the audience favorite universal joke. Parents saw his performance, especially to the spirit.
Nine o'clock, my parents rest on time, and can quickly go to sleep. Watching sleeping parents, more like two naughty playing tired children. I helped them tuck the quilt, repeating what they did for me as a child. An old house where a treasure! Parents are the family's baby, accompanied by their side I feel happy!
Dear Mom and Dad: You grow up with me, I have to accompany each other, accompany you to the old!
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