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Mae Fdfd
Posted March 13, 2018 by Mae Fdfd
Grandpa is just an ordinary carpenter, he has done countless furniture, plane is his tool can not be separated.
When I was a kid,PARAJUMPERS DAME I lived with my grandfather. At that time, my favorite play was sawdust left behind by my grandpa. While watching the grandfather playing with sawdust furniture, all the tools in my grandfather's hand always come in handy, my favorite is my grandpa with a plane, no matter how rough, curved wood under the grandpa's plane will be Become smooth and straight.
Home built a new wooden house, but no money please craftsmen to decorate. Grandpa did not say anything, with his plane went to the framework is still just a new house. A door,PARAJUMPERS Jakke a wall, a room do not know what my grandfather feeling, watching the new house built I just remember I was very happy.
We moved into a new home, my grandfather is still doing the furniture every day. Stools, tables, chairs, people are to do grandfather furniture. At that time watching grandpa busy every day, I also want to try, but my grandpa will not let me move his plane. Every day after school, my grandfather can hear the sound of planing wood with a planer. Planing the planing, the deeper the ditch on the grandfather's face, the gradually bent back spine can not be planed straight. Grandpa started let me be his assistant. The grandfather holding the fountain of ink, I led the ink rope to the other end of the lumber, lightly flick the ink rope with a hand, and a straight black ink appeared on the wood.
Grandfather since then began teaching me to do furniture: how to hollow holes in the wood, how to measure the length of wood. Also began to tell me how to use the wood planing smooth, straight grandpa do you know what it is, but unfortunately my hands and feet clumsy, have not been able to make a successful furniture. The sound of your planing lumber disappeared, the plane began to silence in the corner, and the new house disappeared into the sea of ​​fire a year later.
When I saw the plane again, it was still silent in the corner, covered with dust, but the sharp blade was still sharp.
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