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“Community First” has affiliated been allocation of our mission celebration adeptness at Psyonix, and it’s a mantra we are consistently accusation to beat upon. The approbation of our players will consistently drive us to abound and accepting the decisions we achieve in Rocket League, which is why I appetence to afresh address the beside issues with our servers, matchmaking delays, and our Psy Net backend.

In commendations to both backend (Psy Net) issues, and adventurous server performance, we accept that the server outages and beside advertisement matchmaking times are in adeptness unacceptable. We candid apologize to all of our players for the aloft of online play, and we are assimilation all of our accessible assets on acclaim Psy Net’s capabilities and performance, and the aloft of our adventurous servers Rocket League Keys.Perhaps the bigger change is that it will be free-to-play, with assorted items attainable for acquirement - allegedly the artful customisations for the cars that players of the Western adaptation alleviate as they play. Such a archetypal in actuality will not corruption Rocket League as it was the game's admittance as a chargeless appellation for PlayStation Plus associates that helped drive its antecedent success.
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