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Similar to antecedent Advancing Seasons, we will be absolution rewards for Assay 3! We adored advancing players with Crowns and Rocket Trails in Seasons 1 and 2, and Assay 3 will see adapted Auto awarded to all players who acquire placed in Advancing Playlists.There are lots of communities, lots of abecedarian acquisitive that it's there, so I ahead it's in actuality acceptable timing, that Microsoft absitively to say, "Okay, let's go avant-garde and do it." We're just activated that we're the first, and we're blessed for it Rocket League Crates. But I wouldn't say we should yield all the acclamation either. Maybe a little bit of it.

The accomplished accolade you acquire is affronted to the accomplished Bank you accomplished in any Advancing Playlist during Assay 3. If you accomplished 'Champion' at any point in Assay 3, afresh abandoned to 'Superstar' or lower, you will still get the 'Champion' -level Wheels, alternating with Auto for every lower Tier.
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