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"Trusted sites" Authentication required "regulation", "
Posted July 30, 2013 by shadvall shadvall in Philanthropreneur
November 3, "National credible website database open platform" was officially launched. "Trusted sites" Authentication Service, originally China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) teamed up to create a network with the true identity of the third-party verification service site, and now the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Council Information Office,Hannibal Season 1 DVD China Electronic Commerce Association is also involved in come from the regulatory and technical aspects urge trusted site verification and healthy development, which marks the "denial of fake websites to build trusted network environment," the charity has become a civil society institutions and government departments consensus.

At present, China's e-commerce development is faced with severe challenges, on the one hand, damage to the national economy, the Commerce Department data show that China's enterprises each year due to lack of credit resulting from direct and indirect economic losses of up to 600 billion yuan; hand, consumers suffer, only the first half of this year, there are 38.8 million Internet users encountered in the online consumer fraud, the equivalent of every five Internet users shopping online there is a victim. In the field of the Internet in China, up to 68,925 phishing sites troubled waters flooded, trusted sites of frequent implicated Nanbian, deceived Internet users are very hard, miserable.
Lack of good faith, fraud was rampant, and the Internet in China has restricted the maximum pollution, not only disturbs the order of the network, and hinder the healthy development of e-commerce, trusted site verification without delay.

First, we must strengthen the system earlier this year, a large domestic B2B website internal fraud scandal, third-party electronic trading platform integrity management, secure transactions on the loopholes, though corporate law issues, but also the credibility of the construction site challenges. Credible third party websites authentication, you must be regulated from the system, first certification bodies have standardized authentication model, reasonable and perfect evaluation system, the second is the certification body can not "just did not recognize card", must assume responsibility for certification.

This in the "trusted sites nationwide database open platform" start at the same time, China Electronic Commerce Association trusted e-commerce promotion center issued a "trusted site identity authentication service specification (Trial)", clearly defined, credible site verification services should follow the "autonomous application, real verification, privacy, open sharing" principle, while providing similar services should establish and improve the entry and exit mechanisms, monitoring and compensation mechanisms. The specification fill our trusted third-party site service gaps in the field, since then, "Trusted Sites" Authentication Service "There are rules to follow."

Bear the "trusted sites nationwide database open platform" construction of the network has been established China's first "test-fault compensation mechanism", if the network violate public validation rules, to the site to provide certification services, issuing identity verification, resulting in damage to the interests of Internet users, the network will give users up to 1000 yuan compensation for each site. There are rules to follow, wrong reserved for credible certification bodies also effective constraint.
shadvall shadvall
Seeking freedom: "Bobby Long"
Posted July 29, 2013 by shadvall shadvall in Philanthropreneur
Papillon, Papillon, butterfly dog ​​mean. Whether or not a coincidence, Papillon final fate will eventually and his name and his chest big bird closely linked with the butterfly, fly freely in the sky. Two and a half hour movie, "Papillon" as we describe a vow to pursue freedom of half, down the entire piece, although a bit boring,The Golden Girls Seasons 1-7 DVD but the outbreak of the Department are also many, and sophisticated dialogue and a variety of realistic insinuation also known as "Papillon" lot of extra points.
Say "Papillon" is a jailbreak movie originator, easy to see "The Shawshank Redemption" have so little Papillon shadow, afraid Stephen King to write "The Shawshank Redemption" when it is borrowed from the film. I put the whole movie artificially divided into two parts, the first part is now referred to jailbreak, accounting for most of the time the film, while the second part is truly free, with only the last point only.

According to information revealed movie, Papillon is wrongfully imprisoned, he committed murder but he did not kill anyone. This is Bobby Long jailbreak provides a good faith basis: brother is innocent! Brother should be free! Either under the old America that set, if Papillon not really kill people jailbreak (jailbreak Throughout a movie successful escape are often wrongfully imprisoned). Papillon faith movies is old already manifested, and not go to jail and began wearing Markov jailbreak discuss things, which shows the desire for freedom.

Papillon went to jail in order to get free after paying a very heavy price, which is being locked up in another prison inmate abuse entirely. Where he endured unimaginable suffering, while wearing Korsakov for his issue was discovered to send fruit is to be halved off black housing and food. Under such adverse conditions, the Papillon from beginning to end did not say who sent for him fruit, also showed his true self. Although Papillon in order to survive Tony Lord showed courage in general (eat a variety of centipede, a variety of cockroaches), but I really want to support him alive is the desire for freedom, if you get a person to go I'm afraid there is no faith before long be dead.

Despite the difficulties encountered, and even spent 3000 to buy a wreck, Papillon, wearing Markov has another child finally "Prison Break" a success. Why use quotation marks? In my opinion this is nothing but a pseudo-jailbreak Bale, if you do not change a habit, Papillon, a pedestrian was never really escaped from prison. This habit is money. Jailbreak section, everything is about money: money in exchange for wearing Markov supervisor seat, use the money to help with Papillon, Papillon blocked with money to catch a butterfly's mouth, with money buy a used boat jailbreak. Because it is completely a "money talks" world. But the outcome of what happened? Markov did wear a lot of things with money, and ultimately his wife or other away Lingjia others; Papillon it? 3000 buy a wreck. Papillon jail again later when the dry line and ultimately money: That bag of pearls. As long as Papillon also thinking about money, he will never be truly free.
Although Papillon jailbreak is a failure, but he is away on the occasion of his own free spirit passed on to an indigenous tribal chiefs, that is the butterfly tattooed moment. French Guiana, the simple point that happened where a French colony. "Papillon" is given only a few simple lens to describe the relationship between the natives and settlers: the moment the colonized indigenous people dictating to the colonists bartered with a variety of cheap pearls. Simple colonists a few scenes to explain completely deceiving and enslaving the local inhabitants. Movie chiefs not explicitly given to Papillon specific reasons for his tattoos, but I think this must be related and freedom. Tattoo on the next day the whole tribe moved out, leaving a man and a pouch Bobby Long pearl. I think they must fight for their freedom and went to the bar, and this pearl is to Papillon brought the spirit of freedom gratitude.

Until near the end, when he was wearing a Markov uttered the phrase: "money and can not buy freedom." From this level, the Papillon can truly be free. It is also in this sentence as a dividing line, entered the second part of the film.
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authentic louis vuitton bags that the accelerating comb
Posted July 27, 2013 by censds cen
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to make the program louis vuitton bags run
Posted July 27, 2013 by censds cen
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air jordan shoes and a padock fo added
Posted July 27, 2013 by censds cen
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