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fasf wo
Not Internet not want to buy Yue Yue
Posted July 26, 2013 by fasf wo in Non-Profit
Not Internet not want to buy Yue Yue

[Summary] Lynx is not an ordinary cat, the car platform a mouth, swallowed whole JAC Yue Yue sales channels. Yesterday, JAC Yue Yue brands and Lynx signed official stationed in the day the cat out of the flagship store, car sales channels Revolution and the the manufacturers Internet direct line brand experience store mode, setting off days is not an ordinary cat cat, car platform a mouth, swallowed whole JAC Yue Yue sales channels. Yesterday, JAC Yue Yue brands and Lynx signed official stationed in the day the cat out of the flagship store, and the the manufacturers Internet direct line brand experience store mode, setting off car sales channel revolution It is understood that the JAC sedan this times Yue Yue brand online services exclusively to direct its line Yue Yue brand 4S stores will focus on the test drive, PDI, after-sales service, it will also subvert the traditional auto industry sales agents mode. In the past, car dealers online sales methods generally: online payment deposit, pay the balance due and mention car line. In this mode, the online sales is just a way to multi-channel sales, even online profile contributions launch, and also minor color line style, models, configuration changes similar sales line. The JAC Yue Yue sales channels completely moved online, offline 4S stores will no longer sell the sub-brand car, called the complete network selling cars It is reported that the network of direct sales to Replica BRM Watches reduce inventory, logistics, marketing and other costs, manufacturers direct sales were lower than the previous cheap nearly 30%. The original line to sell more than 40,000 of Yue Yue, Lynx 36,800 from the sale of a substantial increase in the competitiveness of their products in the same level models, the impact Bell & Ross Watches of the entire low-end car market is enormous. Other low-end car expert analysis, JAC Yue Yue this move may lead to short-term follow-up Replica Bell & Ross Watches Li Jianhua, general manager of JAC Passenger Car Marketing Company, said: Yue Yue network of direct sales all over the country with JAC passenger car 4S store sales price and service system closely integrated, ''1 1 channel mode' expand 'factory direct Internet line brand experience stores, in order to achieve different cities network share threshold is no difference.

From the Mercedes-Benz SMART buy half-price spike to the car; starting from the Mercedes-Benz C-car replacement activities to snow Folanmairui Po new car Lynx the Lynx vehicle platforms vehicle sales through innovative marketing to attract more and more traditional brand try and in practice gradually subvert the domestic manufacturers marketing model December 6, 2010, Geely Global Hawk brand's flagship store on Taobao Mall, at the time of the establishment of. Network special contributions Panda buy Arctic Monkeys 300 in just one minute; starting April this year, the new Audi A6L Lynx, a few days time, the price of more than 300,000 high-end Audi cars were robbed empty. The Lynx brand car completely relying on online direct sales model in the future, there may be more car manufacturers start competing in this platform. (Reporter Chen Weihua Chen Guo-zhi)
fasf wo
Yuda open a new era of luxury 10-year figure of Henan
Posted July 26, 2013 by fasf wo in Philanthropist
Yuda open a new era of luxury 10-year figure of Henan

Henan, the number of true luxury brand, the retail industry is of the view that less than 5. Nearly global luxury brands. 10 years of effort, Henan have introduced a series of big world, but that is really standing on top of the fashion luxury brand, still not fully come this does not stop the enthusiasm of the Henan consumers to buy luxury goods. LV is yet to come in Henan, Emporio Armani Watches but popularity is staggering. LV introduced their guests, Henan consumers is the fastest growing Yuda Fufu boutique Replica Bell & Ross Watches department store general manager Lu Yao said that if it can be part of the luxury goods consumption to remain in the province, will greatly drive around industry and supporting commercial development, but the luxury goods market Replica Corum Watches in Henan time difference of 18 years once difficult to fill: see half of the scale, luxury brands not come; watch store, yet no luxury flagship store, but the store; watch concept, luxury goods, the majority of Henan consumers are still stuck in the beginning of 2011 on the expensive the most intuitive impression, Yuda announced to the outside world, such as Louis Vuitton and Versace, 11 of the world's top luxury brands will be operated. Henan luxury goods market structure has been rewritten, which opened a luxury 10 years. Lu Yao said, This shows that people enjoy stylish, will be more at ease receiving services change the mentality of people fashion more and more rich connotation. Lu Yao. Yuda's goal is to never change the city people dress luxury fashion, it is more desirable to change people's way of life In addition to the LOGO, luxury service details on the differences between the most embodies the equivalent to an advanced, OK, so lifestyle people aspire for example, service, or even watching the distance of the guests are very critical, 1.2 m is appropriate, and this is precisely the good service, Yuda with more than ten years to perfect Yuda has business for nearly 10 years of international brands from the service, our sales are of Henan retail pinch point talent. Lu Yao Introduction It is understood that Yuda's luxury goods in the recruitment of staff, the requirements necessary to Global expert advice with luxury goods, but also with local expertise. The former includes how appropriate combination of products, what products display better able to show the brand image, as well as how to develop a marketing strategy to enhance the core values. The latter is mainly familiar with the development of the local retail market, the development of customer and communicate with them. This is more than just an ordinary department store shopping guide can achieve the requirements. Said Lu Yao for consumers to buy luxury goods, how much discount is not their first concern, brand spirit and loyalty It is the need to focus on the target. This point, Yuda has taking a step has been said that only a few people can afford luxury goods, luxury lifestyle behind pitiful really be able to read. Today's capital can produce a large number of profitable products, but we have been unable to go to produce a decent way of life if the owners care about is not the style, material, purpose, but the psychological pleasure and luxury symbol the superior show off, identity, status, level of psychological feeling, social life built on unstable economic basis, once life is not proud surprise visit, several luxury consumer goods for us against what? Business for nearly 10 years of luxury goods, Lu Yao's view that Henan has not yet true luxury culture. Lu Yao said, the cultural content covered more than just a luxury, quality.
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Alfred morris jersey Arsenal goalkeeper life and death
Posted July 26, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Philanthropreneur
Szczęsny worthy of the trust Wenger
Road to face Udinese, Arsenal usher decide the fate of a battle. Considering the current poor Gunners defense, goalkeeper Wally Disney's performance will determine the trend of the game. Results As one might guess, teenager Szczęsny Arsenal Champions League battle of life and death became a key figure in his confrontation with Di Natale obtain victory, Arsenal goalkeeper magical performance make the new Serie A season's best recent two Archer had to vanquish.
Recent seasons Arsenal goalkeeper position has been difficult reassuring, especially into last season, the Gunners goalkeeper their poor performance is simply "indignation." Fabianski, Manuel Almunia dallas cowboys jerseys suffered opponents "insulting" their poor performances so far memorable. Even as Szczęsny injured, Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann had to temporarily recall the old, which is to let the gunmen for the world, "ridiculed" dignified wealthy, retired goalkeeper comeback even need to put out the fire. Hit in the continuing process of plant honey who suddenly discovered, Arsenal goalkeeper position seems to be slowly become well up, and this is because the rise of the teenager Szczęsny, the outstanding performance of the teenager Wenger dare to continue do not buy goalkeeper.
In the new season, only 21 years old Szczęsny no doubt become the Gunners starting goalkeeper in the last few games he's performance is also very true, and even can be used well to describe. The scene of Udinese, understood the importance of the game, but Arsenal's defense is difficult to put together a reassuring, this means that the task of the game Szczęsny not light, because of his direct opponents is Di Natale. Veteran in the past two seasons consecutive Serie A Golden Boot, Di Natale nearly two seasons mad into 57 balls, you know this is in particular about the defensive Serie achievements. Therefore, Wally Disney arduous task, his play will be about Arsenal's Champions League battle of life and death.
Match the first five minutes, Szczęsny will be tested, Badu run the ball from midfield after the restricted area before the strong long-range, but Szczęsny ball firmly pressure in the body. The first 21 minutes, Badu Road onrush after the ball, Di Natale kept the ball Dez Bryant jersey directly to long shots, but Wally Disney responded quickly fell resolved. After 33 minutes, Udinese launch quick counter-attack, Di Natale perilous small angle with the body shot was denied Szczęsny. Wuji confrontation with gunmen heating up, the gunmen bad defense constantly give opponents an opportunity. After 39 minutes, Arsenal was bad defense paid the price, flush right rib cross, Arsenal defender missed stare Di Natale, Serie A top scorer in the unmarked case the ball into the top. Szczęsny no way, but the fault robert griffin iii jersey is not his.
Second half, Arsenal took the lead again soon, but Vermaelen handball inside the restricted area to the Serie A giants will soon dawn, Udinese were awarded a penalty, if the ball into, then there is a great Udinese will opportunity to qualify for the Champions League last 32. Di Natale no suspense standing on the penalty spot, at the moment Szczęsny performance will relate to the field toward life and death battle. But the 21-year-old teenager resisted the pressure, in the face Di Natale penalty kick out of the left half, he saved the ball calmly. At the moment, he became the Arsenal fans who hero. Thus Di Natale has been completely Szczęsny surrender, the first 78 minutes will be able to prove that the Serie A top scorer get pole, it actually deflect the ball in his confrontation with Szczęsny has completely gone confidence.
After the game, "goal" will give Arsenal a game-high points Szczęsny, praised: "He continued to block Di Natale's offensive to single-handedly blocked Udinese counterattack, his performance is decisive. After this war, his confidence will continue to strengthen, the alfred morris jersey new season will thrive. "" Sky Sports "will also be given the highest score gunmen teenager. Therefore, there is no doubt Wally Disney Man of the Match. After four games this season After the regular harvest Arsenal goalkeeper can reassuring, which may dilute the people to leave their regret Jason Witten jersey dual core team.
shadvall shadvall
"Rango": full of wonderful tucao western 2D animation m
Posted July 26, 2013 by shadvall shadvall in Philanthropreneur
In a sense, the film "Rango" regarded as a miracle: it locates the cinema audience regulars, well-informed, it is difficult to fool; it is well made, ornamental effect is excellent, full of wit Tucao. Even more difficult is that it actually is the Ministry of 2D movies! Colorful, gives the impression of deep roles on the big screen in every picture reminds us, how how tired we are active in white 3D movie roles.

This is a Western theme cartoon,Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3 DVD plot by an old film "Blazing Saddles (Blazing Saddles, also translated as" Blazing Saddles ") inspired from, and learn a lot from the piece of artistic expression. Seen the movie audience, the more they will love this cartoon, which is too much for the plot of the classic movie with irony. For example, there is a scene is huge bats fly, if you've seen "Apocalypse Now" and you will immediately think of a certain fight scenes inside the helicopter! However, even the audience does not often watch movies, such as youth, "Rango" also make them overjoyed, because the reality is like spitting image of this cartoon appeared, and from start to finish to give the audience a strong sense of substitution.

Movie hero is a small chameleon, dubbed by Johnny Depp. Usually give the audience a strong sense of substitution of the film, the hero is little mundane. The film is no exception, just a mundane chameleon, green scaly skin, eyes bulge. However, that is only a humble tiny chameleon, shoulder to bring modern civilization should dust the town (the original is Dirt, pronounced "Dirt", meaning "dust") of the task. This task may easily and dust behind the town, occlusion, uncivilized, has endured the ravages of bad villain, and very dry. Water is precious than gold here.

Other characters in the film can be easily found in the western movie behalf. For example, the rattlesnake Jacques (Bill Nighy dubbing), controlling the town's gang boss, cruel and ruthless. All along, the Eagles have only inhabitants of the town when the dust belly meal, it occasionally and Lango encounter, Lango and luck to kill him. Mayor (Ned Batty dubbing) to convince Lango put the town sheriff's badge, the town began to maintain the rule of law. Interspersed among the episode is that we could not be more familiar scenes plot cooked: dark tavern tough guy dialogue, street fights, as well as between the pursuit canyon cliff ...... Yes, viewers will be able to remember laughing "Star Wars" to!
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Away fans called for the fare cap 3 billion into the ke
Away fans called for the vince wilfork jersey fare cap 3,000,000,000 new broadcast contract into the key Liverpool and Manchester United fans to boycott the Premiership high fares rare form a united front, they and the fans Federation launched a Premier League away "fares hat" campaign for the English Premier League limit each team to fare away 20-25 pounds or less, they think next season up to 30 billion pounds of new television contract can put each team fares by more than 30 pounds. "Post": Premier League fans requires the use of new broadcast contract fare reduction will appear on this Sunday challenge Arsenal Manchester City, while the Gunners away fans fares up to 62 pounds, many City fans refused ticket to go, had to put one-third of the Blue Moon one ticket refunded. Main provisions of the Premiership away fans fares must be consistent, but the fans Federation (FSF) Malcolm - Clark pointed Premiership next season, up to 30 san francisco 49ers jerseys billion pounds of new television contract will come into force (for five years), the Premier League teams have generous sharing, so they can choose substantially reduced prices. Clark warned not to use the fare unseated Premier League fans: "This is the true test of the Premier League, they think the current economic situation in the immune football team, but it is not true, how they respond will determine the next few years, the trend of frank tom brady jersey gore justin smith jersey jersey the game, especially next year, we did not make the final statistics, but it is expected the team fares can be reduced 32 pounds, because this television fee increases in the afternoon at the bar watching a lot cheaper, fans go to the stadium watching the power Where? Once people no habit of watching, and then retrieve this habit tougher nut to crack. "Arsenal this season changed fares strategy to improve the Class A tournament fare (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham), reduces the River team tournament fares. Now they fare divided into three categories, A class (Top 5) ticket is 62 pounds, C class only 25.5 pounds, Manchester City fans want to pay an extra 11 pounds, while other fans pay less 9.5 pounds, so a season ticket gunman Revenue will be able to raise thousands of pounds. Manchester City told Arsenal Away tickets can not be sold out 3000 quota, the gunmen to recover the 912 and sell their own fans, it is learned the game tickets have been sold out. Chelsea and Tottenham in 3000 to ? 62 visitors tickets are sold, while Liverpool this month, the sales price is the same. Clark in the Bundesliga, for example, called on Premier League fare reduction: "Look at the Bundesliga, fans watching as long as 15 euros, you can stand and watch, drink beer, as well as subway tickets, it seems to treat the fans are deliberately Duanjinshaoliang Premiership Give race classification is absolutely unfair! "
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