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robemariee mariee
robes de soirée chic_Lingerie de mariée Artisanat d'eau
Posted December 21, 2013 by robemariee mariee in Community

sachets de pot-pourri

​​sachets de pot-pourri dans des couleurs douces et des styles de dragueur ne sont pas seulement mignon, mais aussi ajouter un léger vêtements de cérémonie mariage parfum d'un tiroir de lingerie. Ces poches doux parfum de prendre si peu de temps pour faire ce que vous pouvez facilement faire avant la douche nuptiale à utiliser comme des faveurs. Ou, demandez à chaque douche nuptiale invité participer à l'artisanat en faisant son propre robes de soirée chic cartable. Chaque sacoche nécessite deux morceaux carrés de tissu (environ 5 pouces) et la colle pour tissu. Disposer les deux carrés de tissu dos-à-dos et colle le long de trois des bords. Une fois la colle séchée, remplir la poche avec pot-pourri et sceller le quatrième bord avec de la colle. Si vous le souhaitez, attacher un ruban autour du sachet pour ajouter du style. Si vous utilisez ceci comme une embarcation de groupe à la douche nuptiale de lingerie, de fournir plusieurs différentes couleurs de tissu et dessins, des rubans de différentes couleurs et une variété de parfums de pot-pourri. </ P> Lingerie cookies

faire une grande fournée de biscuits de lingerie pour invités à décorer à la douche nuptiale de lingerie. Pour rendre le processus de découpe plus facile, optez pour une recette de biscuits de sucre sans add-ins. Utiliser un emporte-pièce de bikini, comme celui offert par, pour couper soutien-gorge et culotte formes. Offrir à ses clients des outils de décoration et une variété de couleurs de glaçage, y compris rose, blanc, rouge et noir. Si les clients ne veulent pas manger les biscuits tout de suite, placez-les sur une plaque à biscuits dans le réfrigérateur, la température froide permet de régler le glaçage. Une fois le glaçage a durci, placez les biscuits dans un sac et une cravate de cadeau cellophane avec ruban. </ P> Lingerie Bouquet

culotte de se transformer en un bouquet de fleur créatif et beau comme indiqué sur Pour faire un bouquet de roses une douzaine \",\" vous aurez besoin de 12 paires de culottes, fil de fleurs et de ruban floral vert. Pour chaque rose, couper un vêtements de cérémonie mariage morceau de fil de fleurs à environ 18 cm de long. robes de soirée chic Enveloppez ruban floral vert tout autour du fil. Posez une paire de culottes à plat sur votre surface de travail et plier la fourche à deux reprises, jusqu'à ce qu'il repose juste en dessous de la ceinture. Poser le fil de fleurs à la verticale sur le dessus du tissu et plier les culottes en deux, fixer le fil à l'intérieur du pli. Rouler la culotte de l'extrémité repliée vers l'extrémité ouverte, la création d'un bouton floral. Wrap vert ruban floral autour du fond de l'œuf et plusieurs fois le fil, la sécurisation de la fleur culotte sur la tige. Répétez ce processus jusqu'à ce que toutes les culottes ont été transformés en fleurs, puis les disposer dans un vase. </

rebecca Michel
China's oil demand meets North Sea supply
Posted December 21, 2013 by rebecca Michel in cheap winter clothes
The market for office space in Aberdeen reflects the liveliness of the city's economy more widely.

But one small office opening this week may prove to be more significant than most. The company making the announcement is a newly formed one, called Addax Petroleum UK Limited.

Its significance is its owner, Sinopec, the fourth largest company in the world, and the state-owned corporation that's scouring the world to secure energy supplies for China.

China already has around 8% of the North Sea's producing capacity. Sinopec recently formed a joint venture with Talisman, from Canada, couch outlet canada and another state-owned company, CNOOC, has paid nearly £10bn to buy the Canadian firm Nexen, with its major stake in the huge Buzzard field, off Aberdeen.

The Chinese strategists are now putting Addax into Europe's energy capital to look for more opportunities, which could include joint ventures, acquisitions and equity stakes.

'Exciting milestone'

The presence of the big state-owned energy companies is seen as a significant vote of confidence in the UK offshore industry.

It's an "exciting milestone", according to Yi Zhang, chief executive of Addax Petroleum.

He adds: "We are in the process of establishing a North Sea competency centre in Aberdeen to engage in many business areas.

"Addax Petroleum has a history of achieving consistent growth through substantial investments in its operations and we look forward to working in the UK North Sea to continue on our sustainable and upwards path."

The plan is for Addax to re-invest and acquire, to build up production from an average 169,000 barrels per day last year, to 500,000 by 2015.

For comparison, output from the UK Continental Shelf is expected to fall this year to between 1.2 million and 1.4 million barrels per day.

Eight times more cars

The Chinese search for resources is building confidence elsewhere, of course, from African food production to Australia's outback ore miners.

The scale of the demand for energy in China was set out this week by Wood Mackenzie, the Edinburgh-based energy analyst. It's a scale that may be having a big impact on geo-politics.

Wood Mac calculates that China will have to spend $500bn on crude oil by 2020, while the US import bill will fall to $160bn, due to increased domestic production from US shale deposits.

Looked at another way - between 2005 and 2020, China's daily imports will rise from 2.5 million barrels to 9.2 million, while US imports will fal from a peak of 10 million to 6.8 million - a Chinese increase of 360%, and an American decline of 32%.

And why is this? Apart from its industrial needs, China is expected to be second only to America for its fleet of privately-owned cars, rising from 20 million in 2005 to 160 million by 2020.

Middle East security

Wood Mackenzie's Beijing-based president of global markets, William Durbin, says 70% of China's oil demand will come from click for coach imports by the end of the decade, and the type of oil its refineries need is the variety at which the Middle East excels.

"It is important to note these opposing trends as it means the US is becoming more North America-centric for its supply needs and China more dependent on Middle East and OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) crude," says Durbin.

"We will therefore see OPEC suppliers, who traditionally focused on the US for crude sales, compelled to shift their focus to China."

That's not only important for an understanding of the oil markets, or for the environmental impact.

It's also a factor in the US view of the Middle East as it contemplates what, if anything, it can do about Syria, Egypt, Iran and security for their neighbours.

While its shale oil and gas are booming, America needs the Middle East far less than it did. And China needs it far more.

This article was originally published on Saturday 24 August.

robemariee mariee
robe de soirée mariage_Devoirs d'un Wedding Planner_rob
Posted December 20, 2013 by robemariee mariee in Philanthropreneur

Détails sur le mariage

le mariage d'un remue-méninges de planificateur avec vous pour créer le mariage parfait. Elle vous aidera à planifier votre mariage autour de votre palette de couleurs, la robe de soirée mariage formalité de l'événement et à votre budget. </ P> Cherche planificateurs de mariage

vous aide à rédiger une liste de vos tâches de mariage, et ils vous aider à hiérarchiser par ordre d' d'importance. </ p> Les planificateurs de mariage

budgétaire contribuent à une feuille de calcul du budget de sorte que vous pouvez comprendre combien coûte chaque robe noire de soirée fournisseur et ne pas aller sur le budget. </ p> Les robe de soirée mariage vendeurs planificateurs de mariage Ayez les relations professionnelles avec les différents fournisseurs de mariage, comme les fleuristes, photographes et boulangers, ce qui aidera votre mariage soit une réussite. Ils essaient souvent de négocier des accords avec eux en votre nom. </ P> Jour de la robe noire de soirée coordination

Le planificateur de mariage se présente au début de revérifier tous les détails du mariage, en s'assurant que toutes vos pièces maîtresses sont arrivés et sont affichés juste à droite . Il va souvent aider le photographe à placer la noce pour des photos de réduire le stress de la journée. </

fasf wo
watch factory, museum learning, and the creation of wat
Posted December 19, 2013 by fasf wo in Non-Profit
Keep watch those things you do not know

Waterproof watch according to their level of performance is usually divided into: not waterproof (table cover without logo), anti-sweat (SWEATRESISTANT), general waterproofing (WATERRESISTANT), 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), 50 meters waterproof (50M , 5ATM, 5BAR), 100 meters waterproof dive tables, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof. But the premise of this standard is the time during the test in laboratory conditions: temperature maintained at 2025 degrees Celsius, and water were tested and the rest watch. Remember, in our daily life conditions, waterproof standard of 30 meters, only splash, you can wear Wash hands and face; 50 meters, you can use a small amount of cold water to wash, not soaking; 100 meters, or in the pool sea ​​surface use; 200 m or more, before they can dive addition, tables are not wearing any waterproof wash hot water bath, sauna or temperature changes very environment. Because waterproof apron will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and contraction voids and causing accelerated aging water and table water condensation occurs, severe damage to the parts will only hours, minutes, seconds simplest functions of the watch, you can always adjust; But as long as has a calendar, calendar, week, moon phases, calendar and more complex functions of the watch, not the next day at 22:00 to 2:00 between the adjustment. This time calendar function is in process operations while a lower degree of the gear teeth, when the operation frequency will damage the internal parts of the watch, which is referred to in jargon sweep teeth, the watch will bring irreversible damage to the summer to minimize wear belt watch, because after sweating belt will stick on the wrist, so that the wearer discomfort and perspiration on the belt is extremely difficult to clean, long-term wear will not only have a smell, but also make the strap deformation, hardening even rupture. Soiled with sweat steel strap is very easy to slip, if you watch waterproof 50 meters, you can wash it under the tap to look red strap sweat. For rubber bring that afraid of water but you are afraid oil, the material will gradually harden, fracture, and is a irreversible process the vast majority of self-winding watch can be used to manually winding, especially for the first stop wearing or left should be worn again manually to the full winding, not recommended to rely on automatic Tuo full string. Manual-winding watch in the sense of the chain does not move when it means spring is full, but the self-winding watch is essentially imperceptible, so the number of recommendations winding automatic watch rather more not less, 40 or so basic protection under the able on full. But do not often manual winding, so the head of the waterproof gasket harmful affect the watch does not have the waterproof function for the magnetic function of the watch, the error resulting from non-subjective reasons there are a lot of modern life field. It should be noted when the watch is placed away from high voltage, audio, large appliances high magnetic strip, not to watch on the radio, on TV, in order to avoid magnetization. Once magnetized, the watch will produce errors when degaussing is the only solution. Get the customer service center or repair master table there, without opening the lid, the direct use of degaussing degaussing machine, two seconds to let go when the watch returns to normal. If you stay away from watch shop maintenance inconvenient, you can find a middle was a circle-shaped, not affected magnetic iron, vertical on the table, will watch from iron circle slowly wear to wear the watch will be on the magnetic by iron absorption; also can put the watch on a clean magnetic iron is not affected, so two days later will gradually disappear magnetic watch wardrobe is never a good place to watch, will watch the oil inside the mothballs deterioration, resulting not allowed to go. The computer tables, TV cabinet makes accessories for electronic devices produce magnetic watch, nor is it a good place. Bedside passable for ordinary watch, but if it is luminous watch, it will adversely affect the body, because the luminous watch dial pointer and painted luminous material is mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium rays emitted There are certain hazards to humans. After all, you have to equip a daily table is filled, it is best to give the kind of automatic watch on a chain, and put on watch, placed into a far away from the bed, surrounded by electrical and chemical products is not a place, please keep in mind, in addition to hair care and hair dryers can do nothing. Watch by the tide, use a dry cotton on the watch pressed, then 40-watt light bulb bake for 5 minutes, all exterior moisture can be evaporated out, should not be kept near the fire directly baking sheet, so as not to suffer the table thermal deformation. However, if the table mirror inside or leave water stains on the dial, it must go to a professional organization to deal with the two. Scratches also do not despair, you can dial the first drops one or two drops of water, then squeeze a little toothpaste obliterated, it designated pattern can be removed leaving the dial as new, remember to choose toothpaste without particles, to avoid secondary scratching 3 when the strap odor when stained with a little soapy toothbrush to quickly scrub the dirt Department, and then wipe with a damp cloth. To avoid the soapy water seep cortex, the entire process is best completed within 20 seconds. It will also bring in the table, put some leather oil leather with a protective effect of oil on the table, so that maintenance work can be more complete watches are not any big changes in temperature environments. Because waterproof apron will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and contraction voids and causing accelerated aging water and table water condensation occurs, will make a serious mechanical damage. Temperatures will also impact on the watch timing error, try to avoid letting the watch is exposed to strong sunlight. Also, do not wear your love table do Bikram yoga and other activities, and it was incumbent can not afford to sin essence magazine editor. Antique watch collection in the field of investment insights. The past decade, several visits Switzerland and went to two tables show many first-line watch factory, museum learning, and the creation of watches appreciation courses. Personal Collection covers Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard and other brands. Involved in the preparation of the Contemporary Chinese lady / gentleman Sacred and watch volume content, before and after I took a year, individual watches Appreciation Books - Patek Philippe Grand guide published in August 2011.
fasf wo
is obvious, the table was often shut down by the impact
Posted December 19, 2013 by fasf wo in Non-Profit
Mechanical small classroom recorded by Gabriel Incabloc shock absorbers

Recorded by Gabriel (Incabloc) is a Swiss-made movement with shock absorber brand name, the shape of round corners missing suspended Jia Zhu called by stone jewel bearings. By the stone, there are other titles below the hole jewel bearing rock, in order to maintain the teeth drive shaft and the relative position of the bearing jewel stone. When the movement of external shocks, the shock absorbers can make tooth car axis and the synchronized displacement stone cave and avoid being instantaneous axial force to shatter. In the shock absorbers, the nearly century almost by recorded by Gabriel (Incabloc) shock absorbers dominate the market, such as shock absorbers earliest engraved Breguet recently had Parachute, because the fact is also coexist with pocket watch forgotten for two centuries, and it had been created grounds and modern table a little gap: Breguet I create a shock absorber for the table, is worried about his invention of automatic chain system vibration is too large, resulting in core damage vehicles, not as worried about the modern table outside the collision damage. In the absence of shock absorbers era, the table is indeed very easy to damage the core vehicle, as long as there is a strong force of the collision, almost certainly hurt the car batteries, reason is very simple, the car heart be strong, friction force is small, it must be very strong, Strong materials are also brittle, little impact will be damaged. Recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers appears, become a kind of dream-class products, the first two years, not many people use it until after World War II, using this brand of shock absorbers was more up, but later spawned another problem, it is almost monopolize the market, so the price is simply asking price with the factory, and even requires the watch factory in the face plate to be engraved with Incabloc words, so far still see this word antique table. Some watch factory did not buy it, Rolex (Rolex) is one of them, its reluctance in the face plate marked with Incabloc this little relationship with their words, it fully supports another shock absorbers suppliers KIF. But two factories in Dan Yingge are experiencing a severe recession hit problems, but fortunately mechanical watch renaissance, two plants in order to survive, but the scale can not be compared with the heyday completely. Timepieces from miniaturization since has been a shock watchmakers headache, there are records to follow, the first concern to the table by the impact of the possible damage is the generation of Warren watchmaker Breguet (Abraham Louis Breguet), His early 19th century pocket watch (also one that is in 1790 invented) installed shape alfalfa ParaChute suspension spring, but this design was brought to light until the 21st century, during which there is not much watchmaker has followed his shockproof concept, perhaps because Breguet era where many are used to watch, it will be placed in the pocket, the chances are not subject to external shocks large; addition, the relative pocket watch is a very noble craft, regardless of the real for timing or status or to show off, it does not belong to the general public, naturally much care. But from the early 20th century designed by the Cartier Santos Dumont first watch since Replica Maurice Lacroix watches the movement by external shocks greatly improves the chances to wear the watch on the wrist than in the pocket watch, is the person most dexterous hands, It could even be part of the highest activity, the probability of collision with something else natural increase. Back in 1930, designed specifically for mechanical movement has emerged shock absorbers, the name of this product is definitely on the table fans can not ignore, it is called recorded by Gabriel (Incabloc), the basic concepts are used to ward off machine the impact of the core front and back, for most of the mechanical watch, it is almost standard equipment (recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers just a brand, like shock absorbers in fact, many other famous shock absorbers brand called KIF, use the full range of Rolex brand, the Rolex with KIF There was anecdotal, had Incabloc momentum heyday, require the use of the watch factory must Incabloc word play on the face plate of the watch, Rolex hilarious refused, so the use of KIF products; KIF plant in Jurassic? valleys, many local watch factory in love with, happened to many of them are premium brands, such as Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Daniel Roth, etc., so people have KIF product comparison Senior impression). In fact, we can say that the ability to shock the table, in fact, still in its infancy it. As is well known recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers appeared in the 1930s, when the watch universality seismic problems encountered, the table of the pendulum core (balance wheel shaft, called swing core) must be made very thin, in order to minimize friction, so that the table and accurate and will not go to waste Clockwork stretch, but the pendulum core is very fragile, words of a traditional Taiwanese saying, mosquitoes may be kicked on the bad, the watch industry has been plagued by this problem, and even then watch factory Also ready for many modular repair kit, encounter pendulum core rupture of the table, placed directly to the rotation of the whole group away, but this is not a good way, not only to spend a lot of hours, so that the main table to spend maintenance costs , but also gives a negative impression of poor quality, so it appears insight, making the grip jewel bearing shock absorbers, avoid pendulum core and five core Fan truck broke down because of external shocks. No mention of the top five Fan trucks cores with shock absorbers, in fact, if you had contact with the older tables, you will find the ancients for seismic, advanced some movement will connect five Fan cars are fitted with shock absorbers, As for effectiveness, the answer is obvious, the table was often shut down by the impact. In addition to the core for the pendulum and escapement wheel vehicle shock absorbers Cartier Pasha core and set up outside, and another one with the movement of the suspension barely structures called Incaflex balance wheel, which consists Wyler patented in the 1920s, but in recent several products to re-enable the annihilation of about a century, parts, and its principle of operation is to swing the balance wheel was originally made of tough flexible spring-like structure, in order to avoid the moment of impact all the weight of the wheel and hit full force imposed to put on top of the core, as the effect of this structure and how to market acceptance, it seems hard to guess, but they are kind of progress; whether Replica Roger Dubuis watches to face any challenge, fear is turning a blind eye, rather than trying to not get the expected after results.
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