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nikeshoes0203 zheng
Jason Witten jersey the World of Warcraft
Posted August 20, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Community
Comic dunks + big hat! Return of the audience rose to pay tribute to the World of Warcraft
robert griffin iii jersey Ticker March 18 Bryant - Bryant truce, Dwight - Howard helped the Lakers beat the Kings. Howard was active in the game, not only sent shaking big hat, remember there are two serial dunks. He finished with 12 points and 17 rebounds and five blocked shots, fourth match when the audience standing ovation. Keywords: eyes three days straight season when the Lakers locker room a dignified, only Howard laughing, as if the right people in general. To this end he incurred a lot of criticism and discontent, especially from Bryant's criticism. Towards the end of the regular season, Howard changed? Section to 8 minutes and 45 seconds, Howard singles looking for a misplaced Patrick - Patterson opportunity, he hit a strong inside, forcing the other shooting foul. In that moment the referee whistle, Howard to the foul line, look sharp, without the slightest playful taste. It seems after a season of baptism, Howard has learned to play in Los Angeles real pressure and significance. Keywords: Section dunks to 6 minutes and 22 seconds, Steve - Nash dribbled forward, Howard quickly down to the basket. Nash ball into alfred morris jersey the air, Howard after the ball, direct hands Jason Witten jersey hanging dunk. Prior to this he was flying cover off Jason - Thompson. Section II to 6 minutes and 01 seconds, the same offensive Nash dribble fast dallas cowboys jerseys break. He passed the ball to the basket on the right bit Metta World Peace. The latter got the ball, it was found empty cut to the basket for Howard, who pass the ball inside pass inside the past. Howard got the ball, but also a suspension dunk with both hands. The audience boiling, Howard himself is spirited. He borrowed suspension clearance and Field teammates eleven clap - whether it is for Kobe Bryant or the Lakers, a confident Howard important than anything else. Keywords: Foul III to 11 minutes and 21 seconds, Howard offensive foul, this is his first foul of the game. Now hit this season, Howard 23 games foul five times more than five games sent off. Howard was sent off in the game, the Lakers a 8-4. Keywords: backboard Today Howard scored 17 rebounds and four blocked shots. Since entering in March, the Lakers played a total of nine games, Howard has seven games of 15 + rebounds. Which in Beijing March 11 game against Chicago, Howard sent 21 rebounds. Howard March averaged 15.5 rebounds last season, he averaged 12.4 rebounds. Compared the two, you can see Howard has come out from a back Dez Bryant jersey injury thoroughly and find the best condition. Howard March cap is also good, is averaging 2.8 times, 4.4 times his season. Also worth mentioning is that Howard today total rebounds than Sean - Kemp, ranked No. 48 history.
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Roddy White Jersey May to return to court
Posted August 19, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Philanthropreneur
Lakers welcome good news insider exposes the playoffs will be magical comeback strongman
March 18, according to Rob Gronkowski Jersey Los Angeles media "insidesocal" reported that, despite the Lakers are suffering injury blow, Gasol and Bryant are ailments in the body, but can make the playoffs if the Grand Roddy White Jersey Army, then perhaps it could usher reinforcements. "Brother Sharp" Jordan - Hill said in an interview to admit, is expected in late April or early May back on the field.
Hill said he was in the past three weeks have been through the rehabilitation training bike, but looks quite smoothly. Meanwhile the doctor told him that if everything Matthew Stafford Jersey is normal, then he will be in late April or early May to return to court.
For the Lakers, the current team record of 35 wins and 32 losses, leading Jazz 0.5 games, and today sits at Colin Kaepernick Jersey home against the Lakers will be king.
In other words if the Lakers have the ability to eventually make the playoffs, then Hill even expected to be able to comeback in the first round of the playoffs. In accordance with the schedule, the Lakers will be April 18 for the regular season with the Rockets finale. The first round of the playoffs is expected to be April 21 or April 22 officially open play.
January 24, Hill's sake because hip injury underwent surgery, when he is expected to be sidelined at least six months, and certainly the season, but the present situation is expected to shorten the recovery period. Before this season's competition, Hill played a total of 29 games for the Lakers, averaging 6.7 points and Russell Wilson Jersey 5.7 rebounds, playing time was 15.8 minutes.
"The fans may forget Jordan - Hill." Bryant says a recent interview. "But we miss him very, for the Lakers, he was an important part, he can rebound, while also contributing on the defensive end, so there is no doubt that he is our team is an important one . "
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Rob Gronkowski Jersey Miami Heat
Posted August 19, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Philanthropreneur
Lakers power forward without undergoing surgery or consider signing 2000 champion for the spare tire
October 10, according to Yahoo sports columnist Andrea - Werner Pawlowski reports, was diagnosed with Russell Wilson Jersey disc herniation Los Angeles Lakers power forward Jordan - Hill ushered in an order that he and teams are gratified news, doctors believe that the degree of his injuries without surgery, and is expected in October 30 Nisshin return to the court before the season starts. Another source said the Lakers are also well prepared for both eventualities, if Hill can not do so and the absence of a long time back, then they might consider recruited into the reinforcements, while still in the "unemployed" status Kenyon - Martin Matthew Stafford Jersey will probably be good choice.
25-year-old Hill will receive back strength rehabilitation in order to get rid of such injuries more quickly, it is learned throughout the recovery time takes about 10-14 days, and after that his recovery will be arranged Colin Kaepernick Jersey next treatment plan. For the Lakers, the Hill do not have a long absence is big news, because after they have identified him as the all-star players to let Dwight - Howard and Paul - Gasol's top bench, while the blue-collar player In the playoffs last season's performance proved himself fully able to play well this role.
Lakers official said in a statement today, Hill will be in the next seven days to accept the referral, the team doctor Robert - Watkins is in the Hill attended the preseason with the Golden State Warriors after the discovery of his back problems It is learned that Hill Roddy White Jersey had been in the game feel significant discomfort and accept a simple heat treatment.
As last season with the Houston Rockets exchange gain of players, Hill joined the Lakers get performance opportunities are limited, but he grabbed debut almost every opportunity, it has also become the Lakers finally decided to renew for two years with contract (worth 8 million) the strong basis. After getting a contract with such protection, Hill has not the slightest relaxation, he enters pre-season training camp in the state remained fairly well, which also more determined to coaching the Lakers inside him as the number one substitute determination.
For any one player in terms of disc herniation is not a small Rob Gronkowski Jersey problem, Howard will be in the last season because of an injury earlier this farewell season, so this will be the impact of the new season, the Lakers championship title a big concern, but some experts Bao Liu said that they have signed free agent Martin may, for the Los Angeles Clippers last season, the latter effect. If you want to sign him, the Lakers need to go beyond the barriers is to persuade Martin to accept the veteran's minimum contract, but the team's title hopes to become Martin joined the low-wage compensation, after 34-year-old Martin is still chasing his first-ever career championship rings, and in addition to defending champion Miami Heat, the Lakers should be the most promising team championship aspirations.
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Rob Gronkowski Jersey his matchup's hit rate has increa
Posted August 19, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Philanthropist
Kobe Bryant led the Lakers out is not surprising five core Russell Wilson Jersey 1 year worse than 1 year
May 9, tragically Mavericks swept the Lakers 0-4 to end the season, and it has broken three consecutive dreams. Everything always have fruit because the Lakers throughout the regular season curve is very strange, the initial wave of the season 13 wins and 2 losses windy Union, then that is a wave four-game losing streak, even the All-Star break, including The Bobcats lost to bottom of the league, the Cavaliers, including three-game losing streak, but the All-Star break, the Lakers began to force, showing the defending wishes played the league's best 17 wins and 1 loss, it seems the team The state has been adjusted to the playoffs mode means, however, in the Grand Army returned people exclaim when they are coming in the playoffs before sent out six-game losing streak, and ultimately to two wins and 6 losses into bad record playoffs.
Throughout the entire regular season, the Lakers state, the opening quarter of the potential they carry two consecutive play fast, but with Andrew - Andrew Bynum's return, the team entered the adjustment phase, to achieve the All-Star break the peak, but the state seems to have some out prematurely, six-game losing streak, especially in the playoffs before the upcoming six-game losing streak for a team aiming at defending the psychological damage is self-evident. And, although the Lakers as a team lined up second in the West final record, already good, but a closer look at each one of the data output core players, the Lakers did not complete the final year defending the goal, can be considered reasonable.
Lakers core players including Kobe Bryant - Bryant, Paul - Gasol, Lamar - Lamar Odom, Andrew - Andrew Bynum, Ron - Ron Artest. Let's look at these core players this season than what happened last year, what kind of changes it:
1 Bryant
Kobe Bryant is naturally bear the brunt of the team should be out for some of the road. From the point of view of data subjects compared with last year, what kind of change it? Kobe Bryant in the league this season, the first 14-year campaign, although he was only 33 years old, but his playing time has exceeded Michael - Jordan, considered a veteran of the Union. Veteran Bryant played in all 82 regular season games, averaging just 33.9 minutes playing time, less than last season for a full five minutes, the playing time dropped the case, Bryant of the data has been reduced, particularly compared to last season, his scoring dropped by nearly two minutes. But one thing is worth noting that, Bryant playing time decreased so much the case, the team shot shot occupy proportion, ie the Matthew Stafford Jersey right to share the ball, actually increased to nearly 5 years since the highest value, that is, even His three consecutive years before the final one individual peak period, averaging 31.6 points to win the league in scoring for the 2006-07 season, this proportion is only 33.61%, while in the year, the figure is 35.03%. You said Bryant alone or, tactical dictates worth mentioning, playing time is reduced, but the ball high into the outrageous share, which is what it means, it is worth considering.
2 Gasol
Pau Gasol of the data base was flat with last season, free throw rate increased by 3.3 percent, Rob Gronkowski Jersey 1.1 rebounds reduced, but there are 18.8 points and 10.2 rebounds data recorded, the performance is quite stable. However, he compared to last year, 1.3 times less rim shot, but more long-range shot by 1.7 times, that is, at the periphery of the season Gasol shot a higher percentage than last year, which is also a direct result of Gasol play give the impression that soft, and increasingly soft impression.
3. Odom
Odom as the league's best sixth man in Bynum injured during the first 35 games played, playing time increase limited circumstances, scoring more than 3.6 points last season, but Roddy White Jersey the corresponding his rebounds and assists are on the decline, especially assists one than in Colin Kaepernick Jersey the previous season were reduced by 1.2 times, indicating that the Lakers Odom I evolutions speed when the organizers of the function as a team weakened.
4 Bynum
Bynum early in the season because of injury rest, played only 54 games, including 47 starts, although he has always been high hopes for the Lakers, his overall adjustment of status is not so good. His playing time than last season reduced by nearly three minutes, scoring dropped to 11.3 points, rebounds, blocks of data has improved, especially in rebounding last season, averaging more than one, it says in the protection of the restricted area Mingbainamu The role began to become larger, but the ball right share decreased by 3.1% than last season, can only say that the Lakers this season, just put Bynum as a coolie in the use of advanced, they still did not give Bynum more autonomous attack opportunities.
5 Artest
Artest playing time this season compared to last season, also decreased by 4.5 minutes, the score for the first time in five years, corresponding to 10 points or less, only 8.5 points, his ball is further compressed, only 15.26 percent, true shooting percentage is also the first time five years dropped 5 percent or less, the most important reason lies in his ability to draw fouls on the decline. Of course, Artest Lakers actually, he was not there to an offensive player, his greater significance is the defensive end, but his matchup's hit rate has increased compared to last season.
nikeshoes0203 zheng
Jason Witten jersey Despite his injury is not fully rec
Posted August 19, 2013 by nikeshoes0203 zheng in Philanthropreneur
U.S. media: the first center of Warcraft is still the second largest small Gasol pressure Muhammad
Ticker alfred morris jersey March 17, although the alliance is now in position concept is being intentionally or unintentionally diluted. However, the importance of the center is no one can ignore. In the "ring in the world" it seems, who mentioned that the top center, the following six are still fairly representative.
Dwight - Howard, Lakers
Averages: 16.4 points, 12.4 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and efficiency value 19.38
Despite his injury is not fully recovered, but Howard's dominance remains indisputable. Rebounds per game, and Howard is still the league. Missed several games, but 36 dallas cowboys jerseys double-doubles is still second in the league. Defensively, Howard has enough speed and responsiveness to act as defensive backbone. Offensively, his physique and strength robert griffin iii jersey opponents too much. The center is currently in, no one can surpass Howard.
Mark - Gasol, Grizzlies
Averages: 14.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, 1.7 blocks and efficiency value 19.75
Data on Gasol as other centers so eye-catching. But Zach - Zach Randolph is the existence of objective reasons, but Gasol I wind the ball is fully known. Gasol averaged 3.9 assists sent, which ranks second in the league in the center. Said physical aspects of talent, Gasol is not the top, but with basketball IQ and comprehensive, world-class Gasol.
Tyson - Chandler, New York Knicks
Averages: 10.7 points, 11 rebounds, 1.1 blocks and Jason Witten jersey efficiency value 19.30
2011 Mavericks can win, Chandler contributed. In 2012, the Knicks can stand up, Chandler equally critical. And the same position player in the comparison, Chandler's rebounding only ranked fifth, but he has a 64.5% hit rate, so far behind other centers. More importantly, Chandler's influence in the locker room, to help the Knicks began to show concern infrequently defense.
Joe King - Noah, Bulls
Averages: 12 points, 11.5 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and efficiency value 17.76
It is because of the existence of Noah, the Bulls can be in limiting opponents scoring average and field goal percentage, both in the league five. In addition, NOAA center also sent up, averaging 4.1 assists. On the defensive end, he is the undisputed Chicago carry the tripod. The only flaw, is NOAA's attack is not stable.
Al - Horford, Atlanta
Averages: 17.3 points, 10.1 rebounds, 1.1 blocks and efficiency value 19.97
Horford injury last season, played only 11 games, but this season, he became a strong recovery in the team in rebounding and scoring. In addition, the presence of both scoring and rebounding, he reached the center of the Union before seven. In 26 years this age of view, Horford biggest flaw is experienced.
Al - Al Jefferson, Jazz
Averages: 17.5 points, 9.2 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and efficiency value 20.71
Over the past seven seasons, Jefferson has been stable and averaged 16 +9 + on the level. Moreover, in jazz, he is worthy of the team leader. Dez Bryant jersey If the Jazz could not renew him, imagine, Jefferson bound to become a sought-after players on the market. The only regret is that Jefferson so far, both in personal achievements still lacking, led by first-class performance is hard to say.
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