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NYPD alerting visitors that costumed characters do not
Posted August 13, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014

Cops are using information in the fight against unscrupulous Spidermen and Cookie Monsters in Times Square.

The NYPD began a campaign Saturday to alert visitors to the Crossroads of the World that they don’t have to tip sexy polar bear costume characters who offer to take photos with


“Photos with women halloween costume characters are free,” read a flyer cops began handing out at Times Square on Saturday. “Tipping is optional.”

Police said the campaign is also directed at the halloween cat costumes horde, some of whom have spurred a flurry of complaints that they are shaking down tourists for tips of

anywhere from $5 to $20. A few of the characters have been arrested on charges including assault and groping.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has backed a bill that proposes to force the costume-wearers to register with the city.
pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Small Talk: What’s the big deal with Wonder Woman’s new
Posted August 12, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
In Small Talk, the National Post gives you all the information you need to get through the pop culture conversations that are filling our elevators, subway rides and

dinner parties. Today, Nathalie Atkinson fills you in on the first look at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman’s 2.0, unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con.

What’s the buzz from Comic-Con?
The biggest news was Saturday’s big reveal of character design for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

You mean Ben Affleck as Batman?
He’s in it too but no, people are more interested in Wonder Woman than the size of Batman’s codpiece.

Why’s that?
In spite of being the most famous superheroine, the DC Comics character has famously never had her own big movie. This is the closest thing to it.

But wasn’t there a television series?
Yes, starring Lynda Carter. But that’s where the resemblance ends.

HandoutLynda Carter as Wonder Woman. .

So you’re saying it’s quite a departure from the one we’re familiar with.
For the 1975 TV series, Lynda Carter’s star-spangled outfit was created by Oscar-nominated Hollywood kitty cat costume designer Donfeld. It’s about as subtle as a walking

American flag. In this case, the gilded bustier has the familiar peaked eagle motif, but it’s overall tougher and sexy, more like Mad Max.

Who created it?
Michael Willkinson, known for stuff like Man of Steel, Watchmen, Tron: Legacy, American Hustle, plus some of the Twilight movies.

Sounds like he knows how to design for fantasy and science fiction.
Yes, and fashion. With her over the knee boots and bronze metallic skintight minidress-slash-bodysuit, she’s an Amazonian warrior by way of Beyoncé’s tour black cat costume

rather than the cartoonish primary colours of a comic book page.

But otherwise is this Wonder Woman more or less the same as what girls wear for Halloween?
The bulletproof bracelets that come from her Greek mythology background are bigger — they cover her forearms more like armour, but yes. She also has the headpiece,

and her rope.

Why rope?
Creator William Marston was a Harvard psychologist who commercialized the polygraph machine, and was a bit kinky, into bondage — hence the Lasso of Truth weapon.

Are fans on board?
If they have a quibble it’s with the high heels.

Why is that?
Godot is 5’9” but because Wonder Woman is an Amazon who’s supposed to loom taller than even Superman and Batman, Wilkinson had to put her in high heels. (Also to

make her sexy for the fanboys.) That’s hardly practical for an action heroine. Some people still wish they’d cast an actor like Uma Thurman and had her wear chunky

lug boots, the way Canadian cartoonist Darwyn Cooke did with Catwoman and later, Wonder Woman in the DC: The New Frontier series a decade ago.

More adult women halloween costumes website:
pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Bikini clad Myleene Klass brings back very happy memori
Posted August 11, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Myleene Klass sent a nation's pules racing when she stripped to a white cheap fringe bikini in I'm a Celebrity - and now she's done it again and looks even better

Ibiza uncovered: Myleene stripped off
The temperature soars to white-hot as Myleene Klass soaks up the sun in a skimpy swimsuit.

She basked in the rays and splashed around in the hotel pool during her trip to Ibiza.

It conjured up memories of her getting drenched in a white cheap high waisted bikini on reality show I’m a Celebrity. TV presenter Myleene , 36, has a new man.

She said recently: “He taught me how to be me, because he had to learn who I was and he had no idea <I was famous>.” The former Hear’Say singer is keeping his

identity secret for now – but she isn’t keeping much else secret in this Micro Mini Bikinis...
pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Mom Responds to Fat-Shaming After Wearing a Bikini to t
Posted August 8, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Tanis Jex-Blake, 33, attempted to wear her first sexy skited swimsuits in 13 years on Canada's Alberta Beach when a group of two guys and one girl laughed, pointed and pretended to kick her belly, which is covered in stretch marks.
I'm sorry but she shouldn't b wearing a bikini. More and more people these days have no shame. This is why we have such shows as Honey Boo Boo. We applaud and laugh at an obese family that has given their children an early death sentence and a lifetime of health issues.
Well, good for her, but really, couldn't she wear the bikini at home and a one-piece at the beach? Her belly button looks like a crater, and she looks heavier than 125 (unless she's really short). Not knocking her, but I have three kids and a much better belly (firm and trim), and although I can fit in one and look pretty decent, I still won't wear a pink swimwear. It can't be good for the kids to hear someone pick on their mom.
She shouldn't have to wear a one piece on the beach. She's had 5 kids, and after 2 kids myself I'm too self conscious to wear a bikini, but more power to her!
If she wants to, and she certainly doesn't have to, she can have a lot of that damaged repaired by a good plastic surgeon -- a little lipo, a tummy tuck, some laser work on the stretch marks, etc. will do the trick.
I see her point but can't understand why she would want to wear a bikini. Face it -- bikinis are to show off skin -- that's really the point. Why would she want to do this? I have 4 children, and had a great body after #4 but wouldn't wear a cheap sexy bikini. I just don't get the point.
pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Denim diva! Model Lara Bingle ditches her string bikini
Posted August 7, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
After months of traveling the globe and chasing the European sunshine, Lara Bingle has hung up her Fringe Bikinis.
The 27-year-old model changed up her look and posed on the beach as she covered up in a cute denim pinafore.
Showcasing a different style, the blonde beauty shared the blue ensemble to her 387,000-plus Instagram followers on Wednesday.
Scroll down for video

She's all grown up! Makeup free champion Bindi Irwin, 16, experiments with cosmetics debuting glamorous look in sweet selfie
Lady in red! Multi-million dollar model Jennifer Hawkins shows off her trim figure in a crimson dress with a thigh-high split
Her golden fringe was pushed to the side, covering a portion of her gorgeous face and a creating carefree appearance.
With the sun beaming down Lara was reminiscent of a Nineties-style queen, rocking her denim frock which featured a zipper on the front and a small silver button at the

Picturesque: The 27-year-old model posed on the beach in her blue frock

Laying on the sand, her second photo revealed that she was struggling with the temperature, writing: 'I was freezing in this picture..#5am #winter #tryingtolookwarm.'
A tight, white choker scarf kept the stunner's neck warm and off-set her matching rose gold and pearl earrings, bracelet and rings.
The jewelery and location from the pictures appeared to be very similar to the ones used during the photo shoot for Lara's cover and picture spread in the August

edition of Elle Australia magazine.

The micro mini bikini designer has been enjoying a loved-up vacation overseas with her actor

beau Sam Worthington.
The pair travelled around Europe, visiting Rome, Paris and the Italian island of Capri.
Lara and 37-year-old Avatar star Sam met in New York in September last year, and since then have been inseparable.
The AFI award-winning star is set to star as a journalist in the upcoming TV drama Deadline Gallipoli, while Lara is gearing up for the launch of her cosmetic line The


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