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Thomas Anderson
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Posted March 21, 2018 by Thomas Anderson in Community
NetEase [url=]buy wow gold[/url] (NASDAQ:NTES) is scheduled to report its Q2 2012 results on Aug. 15, 2012, after the closing bell. The Street expects EPS and revenue of $1.08 and $333.53 million, respectively.
In this article I will recap the historical results of NetEase, its latest EPS estimates vs. surprises, the latest news from the company, and the latest news from its closest competitors.
The company has met or beaten analysts' estimates in the last four quarters. In the last quarter it reported EPS of $1.14, beating analyst estimates of $1.01.
The consensus EPS estimate is $1.08 based on 14 analysts' estimates, up from $0.91 a year ago. Revenue estimates are $333.53 million, up from $268.22 million a year ago. The median target price by analysts for the stock is $67.50.
On May 16, 2012, NetEase announced its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012. Net profit for the first quarter of 2012 totaled RMB941.7 million (US$149.5 million), compared to RMB898.6 million and RMB737.4 million for the preceding quarter and the first quarter of 2011, respectively. Total revenues for the first quarter of 2012 were RMB2.0 billion (US$318.2 million), compared to RMB2.1 billion and RMB1.5 billion for the preceding quarter and the first quarter of 2011, respectively.
On March 20, 2012, Blizzard Entertainment (NASDAQ:ATVI) and NetEase announced that they will continue their existing cooperation on Blizzard Entertainment's "World of Warcraft" in mainland China.
The chart below compares the stock price changes as a percentage for the selected companies for the last one year period.
' Latest Developments
On Aug. 8, 2012, Renren announced that for the third quarter of 2012 it expects to generate revenues in an amount ranging from $49 $51 million. According to I/B/E/S estimates, analysts were expecting the company to report revenue of $52 million for the third quarter of 2012.
On Aug. According to I/B/E/S estimates, analysts were expecting the company to report revenue of $274 million, net income of $24 million, and EPS of $0.60 for the third quarter of 2012.
On July 23, 2012, Baidu announced that it expects to generate total revenues in an amount ranging from RMB6.245 billion (US$983.0 million) to RMB6.410 billion (US$1.009 billion) for the third quarter of 2012.
On May 30, 2012, Perfect World announced that for the second quarter of 2012, it expects revenue to be between RMB647 million and RMB683 million. According to I/B/E/S estimates, analysts were expecting the company to report revenue of RMB783 million for the second quarter of 2012.
On May 15, 2012, Renren announced that for second quarter of 2012, it expects revenues in an amount ranging from $41 $43 million. According to I/B/E/S estimates, analysts are expecting the company to report revenue of $46 million for second quarter of 2012. According to I/B/E/S estimates, analysts were expecting the company to report revenue of $251 million, net income of $32 million, and EPS of $0.81 for the second quarter of 2012.
On April 24, 2012, Baidu announced that for the second quarter of 2012 it expects to generate total revenues in an amount ranging from RMB5.335 billion ($847.2 million) to RMB5.460 billion ($867.0 million).
On April 20, 2012, Rakuten announced that it has decided to stop the e commerce service in China, which has been provided through a joint venture established by Rakuten and Baidu.
On April 11, 2012, Renren announced a partnership with Intel and Feitian, innovator of security technologies and applications, to introduce Intel identity protection technology to Renren's SNS platform.
On March 15, 2012, Perfect World announced that for the first quarter of 2012 it expects revenues to be in the range of RMB714 RMB753 million.
On March 9, 2012, Renren announced that for the first quarter of 2012 it expects revenues to be in the range of $28 million to $30 million. For fiscal 2012, it expects revenues to be between $177 million and $183 million.
On Feb. 16, 2012, Baidu announced that for the first quarter of 2012, it expects to generate total revenues in an amount ranging from RMB4.195 billion ($666.5 million) to RMB4.330 billion ($688.0 million).
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Thomas Anderson
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Posted March 8, 2018 by Thomas Anderson in Community
In February <url=>buy wow gold cheap</url> 2012, George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen. When Zimmerman failed to be convicted of murder under the "Stand Your Ground" laws of Florida, three women activists started the BlackLivesMatter campaign. The campaign gained traction and began to spread like wildfire after the killing of another unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri last August. Following Brown's death and the lack of charges for the killer, Ferguson's streets erupted into protests. These protests soon spread to major cities and suburbs across the nation, including my home town of Boston. The message was clear: Black Lives Matter and the marginalization of African Americans in the United States needed to change. Many of the best and brightest minds in the nation have written and spoken about this movement. Although I consider myself an ally in this movement, I have not felt qualified or compelled to address this issue publicly until now.
Wednesday night, at a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina, a white man shot nine parishioners after sitting through their Bible study session. After many hours on Thursday spent trying to identify the shooter, the FBI currently has the individual in custody and is referring to the shooting as a hate crime.
As the Charleston community and the rest of the nation try to comfort the victims of yet another senseless mass shooting it's important to consider the hateful racist gun culture perpetrated by the NRA in our country. While most gun owners are not NRA members, myself included, the unregulated gun industry backed NRA does the majority of the speaking about guns in America. The NRA produces and distributes four separate magazines, a plethora of blogs, a YouTube channel and a radio program. It is the NRA's messaging on guns that is prominent in American culture and in the halls of congress. So what is the NRA's message? Black lives do not matter, and black people are less than white people. This has never been more obvious than when one NRA Board member, Ted Nugent, said "apartheid isn't that cut and dry. All men are not created equal."
For a group that consistently invokes and misrepresents the Second Amendment of the Constitution, they are quick to forget a slightly more symbolic document The Declaration of Independence. Other examples of NRA representatives espousing racism are equally damning. Paul Blackman, an NRA Research Coordinator proudly stated that, "studies of homicide victims especially the increasing number of younger ones suggest they are frequently criminals themselves and/or drug addicts or users. It is quite possible that their deaths, in terms of economic consequences to society, are net gains."
To consider the death of any human as a net gain to society is despicable, and yet, celebrated amongst the leaders and many members of the NRA. During a discussion of gun violence victims in Los Angeles in the '90s, NRA Board member Jeff Cooper stated "the consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well supplied with ammunition."
The disregard for human life, especially non white people by NRA leadership is beyond disturbing and should be more than enough to marginalize their extremist positions, at least with their supporters in Congress. Yet, in the wake of tragedies like the Charleston church massacre, it is a reminder that the gun industry shills within the NRA have one goal sell more guns. If inciting fear and racism will help sell guns, they will do it, no matter what the human price is. Sadly Congress will also look the other way as long as the gun industry special interest "blood money" campaign contributions keep flowing in their direction and the voting public don't hold them accountable.
So, while a community in Charleston mourns the loss of nine of its members, including a state senator, the NRA will continue to broadcast its message in four separate magazines, a plethora of blogs, a YouTube channel and a radio program: be fearful of your neighbors, especially if they're not white and buy more guns.
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Thomas Anderson
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Posted March 6, 2018 by Thomas Anderson in Community
I've <url=>buy cheap wow gold</url> been reading an achingly fashionable Marxist philosopher called Slavoj Zizek who espouses nihilistic violence in order to demolish global capitalism. I checked him out after our blogger Alan Johnson denounced his "savage madness" and Alan's right: Zizek's vision of a brutal new Communism is morally repugnant. Also, not to be rude, but the Slovenian guru is constructed of the same grey jelly as the American filmmaker Michael Moore remember him? whose cast off T shirts he sports in front of the camera.
But where Moore is just plain nuts, Zizek is brilliant as well. If you ignore the fantasies of "divine terror" that suggest he plays World of Warcraft while inhaling KFC bargain buckets, you'll find an analysis of capitalism that hones in on a juicy target: the parasitical multicultural Left.
And, boy, has Zizek got them skewered. The new bourgeois capitalists, he says, are no longer entrepreneurs who own their companies, but salaried managers whose status is determined by "expertise". That category includes bankers trousering bonuses, management consultant waffle merchants and public sector workers whose salaries are determined by "an arbitrary mechanism of power with no serious link to actual competence".
I can't help thinking of George Entwistle, ex director general of the BBC, angling for even more than the 450,000 he was given to go quietly after blundering over Savile and Newsnight. Entwistle wasn't especially avaricious; he simply reflected the mindset of an organisation in which the number of managers earning more than 100,000 runs into three figures.
The top rung of executives are good at clinging on to their jobs or extracting massive pay offs if the worst happens. Among well paid middle managers, however, panic is setting in and so they support protests against cuts. "Although these protests are nominally directed at the brutal logic of the market," writes Zizek, "they are in reality protesting the gradual erosion of their politically privileged economic position."
To put it another way, people who hold down non jobs or work in the arts at a time of crippling deficits are royally screwed by the drying up of subsidies. They also have problems making sense of chaos. Zizek mocks the Guardian/BBC lobby's attempts to interpret the Tottenham riots, "trying desperately to translate the protests back into their familiar language", whereas in fact the only "programme" espoused by the rioters involved free trainers.
These are harrowing times for a bien pensant elite who once gorged themselves at public expense (when someone mentions the Blair years, I think of smarmy "executives" in Alan Yentob stubble slavering over canaps). Now they are showing their panic in different ways by presenting clumsily biased reports on the Today programme, by throwing hissy fits on the letters page of the Guardian and, as we saw this week, by supporting moves to strangle the conservative newspapers that mock their piggy ways.
The evisceration of this culture is necessary for capitalism to thrive. Let the P45s rain down on White City and Whitehall alike. That's my view, anyway; Slavoj Zizek thinks capitalism and liberalism should fall together, which is why he exalts "sacred" violence for its own sake. He's a Communist who appears to believe that private property is theft. So I hope he won't mind that I downloaded one of his books from the internet without propping up the system by paying for it.
I'm Sally and I'm a Twitter addict
The sad figure of Sally Bercow returned to Twitter this week, claiming to have learnt her lesson after pointing the digital mob towards an innocent man accused of sex abuse. The Speaker's wife is, by general consent, a silly woman. But to throw herself back into Twitter after such a disgrace is shameless even by her standards. What is she thinking? My theory is that Sally is addicted to Twitter. Saying outrageous things gives her a hit she can't live without. If so, she's not alone: I've known careers wrecked by the urge to show off in 140 characters. Not that Sally has a career to wreck. But her husband does.
Last weekend I made my first visit to the Toby Carvery in Reading, Berkshire's gloriously picturesque county town. My goodness, the grub was good. Huge joints of beef, gammon, chicken and pork, served with monstrous Yorkshire puddings that could have doubled as batter encrusted aliens in a Pertwee era episode of Doctor Who. The other striking thing was the size of the diners, the younger of whom were noticeably more corpulent than their parents. Some of the vigorously chomping girls seemed to be trying to outdo each other in the XXXL size of their blouses. Mrs Mills would have been proud of them.
Sadly, I was much too full to try the carvery's puddings, with their "bottomless custard jug". But what a lovely idea. Samantha Cameron: there's your Christmas present problem sorted.
The Church of England has made a terrific hash of this women bishops thing, as both the outgoing and incoming Archbishops of Canterbury would be the first to agree. Every Anglican knows it, too. The crisis in the English Catholic Church, in contrast, is unknown to anyone outside a small circle. But it's real, and it's serious.
To cut a long story short, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Papal Nuncio to Britain, appears to have fallen out with the bishops of England and Wales and especially their leader, Archbishop Vincent Nichols. I've been offered two explanations. First, Nichols allows "gay Masses" in Soho, which Rome loathes. Second, foot dragging over the Ordinariate for ex Anglicans has annoyed the Pope.
The bishops should watch out. The Nuncio is ready to break up the "Magic Circle" of ambitious liberals who twist the Vatican's arm over senior appointments. Also, Nichols has been kept waiting an awfully long time for his cardinal's hat, and people are beginning to wonder why
Fry's heavyweight Leveson verdict
Stephen Fry, the popular television entertainer and Margaret Rutherford lookalike, is most displeased with David Cameron's reaction to the Leveson Report. Indeed, on Thursday he tweeted that the PM had moved from Downing Street to a new residence inside Rupert Murdoch's bottom.
This is the same Stephen Fry who appears on Murdoch's Sky Television and who, it pains me to say, is not averse to a spot of cringing sycophancy himself. "Don't bother with telling him he's the funniest and cleverest man alive he takes that as read," says a showbiz source. "The secret to keeping Stephen happy is to tell him he's lost weight. It always goes down well, especially if he hasn't."
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Thomas Anderson
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Posted February 22, 2018 by Thomas Anderson in Community
It follows <url=>buy wow gold</url> complaints from gamers that the auction houses made the game less satisfying to play as they undermined the challenge of the battle to defeat Diablo, the "lord of terror".
Although the move may please many, it is has caused controversy with some as it effectively makes their virtual possessions worthless outside the game's horror themed fantasy environment.
"You might as well be robbing us," wrote one user on the company's forums.
"I have accumulated about $100 <62> on the real money auction house. if you allowed me to transfer it to Paypal even, that would be something, but you basically just ripped off every successful player on your game."
'Glacial speed'Although people had long traded other games' items with each other ahead of Diablo 3's launch, these transactions had typically been private affairs arranged outside of a game world, sometimes in breach of the rules.
Blizzard itself had banned players of another game World of Warcraft from buying and selling gear outside the title.
Diablo 3 marked a change of strategy. UK users, for instance, now faced a 1 fee for each item sold in the real money auctions and 15% charge of the final sale price for in game commodities including "gold", which itself could be used to make purchases.
Bearing in mind Diablo 3 proved to be the fastest ever selling PC game in the weeks after its launch, it offered a potentially lucrative way for the company to continue making money after players had bought the subscription free title.
"Blizzard were leading the way with the real money auction house, designed to take what was being done in a grey economy and making it legitimate, and indeed profitable," John Walker, editor of PC gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun told the BBC.
"They just did it in the wrong game. The very purpose of Diablo is to run around killing stuff and having them then drop new weapons and new equipment which allows you to kill more creatures, letting you gather better items creating a cycle which drives you to carry on.
"There's no doubt that what went wrong was always going to go wrong, and at its glacial speed Blizzard have acknowledged this."
Despite the firm's U turn another industry watcher said it would not spell the end for real money auction houses.
"This is not a condemnation of the model itself but rather its implementation," said Ed Barton, director of digital media at the consultancy Strategy Analytics.
"Diablo the game itself obviously went through two previous iterations where it didn't have an auction house and was not designed with the assumption that one would exist as a additional revenue stream for the developer.
"For success at charging for this type of transaction between users, that has to be baked into the design from the moment the initial game design document is drawn up."
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Thomas Anderson
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Posted February 2, 2018 by Thomas Anderson in Community
iStockphoto [url=]buy cheap wow gold[/url] Americans are known for picking up and moving to big cities in search of better opportunities. can be found in the country's smaller cities.
What makes a city a good location for job seekers? It's a combination of how easy it is to find a job, how affordable the location is, and how satisfied workers are at their employers, according to a new study from employment site Glassdoor. The cities tend to break down into two types: midsized, fast growing tech magnets, and former industrial cities that have transformed into service economies, said Glassdoor economist Andrew Chamberlain. in the last 15 to 20 years," Chamberlain said. Census Bureau. For Americans considering job hunting in a new city, data on job and affordability trends can help raise awareness of opportunities in cities beyond the biggest urban hubs, which aren't necessarily the most vibrant labor markets.
So why didn't the country's biggest cities, including Los Angeles and New York, make the cut? While incomes tend to be higher in such cities, the cost of living has skyrocketed at a far faster pace, making affordability a problem for many residents and job seekers.
Read on to learn about the country's 9 best cities for jobs.
iStockphoto This city of 2.3 million residents made Glassdoor's list thanks to a successful transition to a service and tech economy, with major industries including health care, information technology and renewable energy.
San Antonio currently lists nearly 30,000 job openings, with a median base salary of $40,000. While that income is lower than some other cities on the list, San Antonio also offers a more affordable cost of living. The median home value, for instance, is $147,600, compared with $728,000 for San Francisco.
Current job openings in San Antonio include titles such as IT help desk technician, system analyst and financial advisor, illustrating the types of industries now thriving in the Texas city.
Burcu Gokhan Ozden/iStockphoto The largest city in Kentucky offers an affordable way of life, as well as big employers such as Yum! Brands, the owner of KFC and Taco Bell, and health insurance company Humana.
Once an industrial city, Louisville has transformed into a town focused on services such as health care and restaurants.
The city currently has more than 16,000 job openings, with a median base salary of $40,000. That's on the lower end of salaries for metro areas on the list, but the cost of living in Louisville is also lower, with the median home value at $131,100. The Greater Louisville Chamber of Commerce notes that one of the benefits offered by this city is its "very attractive cost of living."
Current job openings on Glassdoor include titles such as director of global e commerce at Brown Forman, the maker of liquors such as Jack Daniel's, and operation support group technician at UPS.
iStockphoto This city of almost 2 million residents sits at the heart of Silicon Valley. No surprise that it has more than 51,000 job openings and offers a high median base salary, at $99,000.
That helped get the city on the list, although job seekers will soon realize that those strong points come with a high cost of living, given San Jose's median home value of $863,800.
"It has a tornado of hiring activity, and it has high job satisfaction," Glassdoor's Chamberlain said. "Different people want different things from cities. If you are a young person starting out, you might not want to buy a home, and you might be OK with sharing an apartment."
iStockphoto The biggest city in Utah is home to a number of large companies, including Zions Bank and Questar, but it also has developed into something of a tech hub, with firms such as Adobe and eBay operating offices in the area.
The city now has nearly 18,000 job openings, with a median base salary of $44,000. For a town that offers many tech related job opportunities, the cost of living is much lower than cities such as San Jose. Salt Lake City's median home value is $224,000, compared with $863,800 for San Jose.
iStockphoto The capital of Texas has a similar tech focused economy as Seattle, yet the cost of living is lower, according to Glassdoor.
Austin has more than 33,000 job openings at the moment, with a median base salary of $50,000. The median home value is $226,400. "The cost of living has risen, but it's still very reasonable compared with Seattle," Chamberlain said.
Henryk Sadura/iStockphoto This city of 1.3 million people now has nearly 17,000 job openings, with a median base salary of $38,100.
The salaries might be lower than in other cities, but so is the cost of living, since the median home value is $129,400. According to the Greater Oklahoma City Partnership, the city's affordability is a key draw, helping it attract millennials and other Americans seeking more value for their money.
While the city was once dominated by the oil and gas industries, it has diversified in recent years, Chamberlain said. Oklahoma City has fewer job openings than other cities, but it landed near the top of the list because of its large number of stable middle class jobs and affordable homes, he added.
Current job openings include manufacturing engineer assembly at Boeing and CRG reserves coordinator at Marathon Oil.
Tommy Brison/iStockphoto Kansas City was once dominated by stockyards and shipping, but has transformed into a city where service industries are thriving. The city of 2.1 million residents was also picked by Google to test Google Fiber, its ultra high speed Internet experiment.
The city has some 29,000 job openings, which offer a median base salary of $46,000. Kansas City is also an affordable place to live, with a median home value of $138,500.
Current job openings include investment consultant at Scottrade and software engineer at the Nerdery, a custom software company.
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