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sandra shi
Get inside the heads of those mafia gods and may them p
Posted August 8, 2018 by sandra shi

When it's about money you won't step back from anything. Get inside the heads of those mafia gods and may them pay for their sins. They only way to payback those gangster group is to step inside the underworld empire. Extreme speed driving auto Racing Car, racing town bike driving its like bike stunt riding, police car & different sport car racer, gangster mafia game, driver royal car with full speed on highway or City road, destroy city with military tank.

Are your ready for great criminal adventure? Be ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight. The gangster unlawful act town is full with gangsters, street thugs, mafia lords and godfather.

Use weapons and ammunition to kill people. Become the king of the gangland. Perform like mafia or USA Desert pirates and collect money by murder of any Citizen. Be a gangster and make Perfect felony to achieve 3 star in auto time levels and Escape from level.

Game Features: Unique mixer of a shooter, punch game and auto racing.Incredible 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls- Tons of missions- 5+ weapons and auto vehicles- Amazing township environment- Crime gangster Mafia and mob wars- Real life weapons and gangster cars.

For more information about the mafia game, Please visit its official site :

Instant play Mafia City here:

sandra shi
Mafia City H5 was one of my most anticipated games of t
Posted August 7, 2018 by sandra shi
Taking place in the booze-strapped streets of Atlantic City in the 1920s, gangster mafia game tasks players with carving a niche for themselves within the city's booming criminal underworld while climbing the Mafia food chain from a lowly thug to the boss of all bosses.

Prior to its October launch, Mafia City H5 was one of my most anticipated games of the year.

 It just so happened that during production we celebrated Mother’s Day, here in the US, and we took my mother in law to a brunch in a Mexican restaurant. We’re all sitting there having brunch, and all of a sudden this mariachi band comes out and they had one violin player, two trumpet players and a guitar player.

Put yourself in the action

 You feel small-time. It's deferred gratification until you finally get a gun in your hands, over an hour into the story. While Mafia City doesn't round off the tale of its protagonist to a satisfying degree, Mafia charts the complete story of Tommy Angelo's rise and eventual fall at the hands of his dangerous new employers.

Have you ever fantasized about ruling an entire empire? Are you impressed and awed by the supreme power of medieval kings and queens? Yottagame brings all of your fantasies to life on the screen of your smartphone with their latest addition to strategy and simulation games: Mafia City.

“The two of them don’t trust each other too much,” says senior writer Charles Webb in the short featured above. “Lincoln is concerned that at any given point in time Cassandra may turn on him, and Cassandra doesn’t trust that he’s going to look out for the people in the Hollow in the midst of his war on the Marcano crime family.”

For more information about Mafia City game and Mafia games, Please visit :
sandra shi
Character I could sympathise with after 15 hours of Maf
Posted July 27, 2018 by sandra shi
"This was one of the big requests from the mafia online game fans," says publisher Yottagame on the game'ssite. "Today, we’re delivering with some seriously cool customizations for Lincoln’s fleet of up to 10 cars. You heard that right, 10: The six you earn through playing the game, the three cars those who own the Family Kick-Back have access to… and an unlockable 10th car which we’ll get to in a minute."

Several city-wide elements were stitched into the world early on, while others were planned later in development. In both cases that doesn't guarantee they'll make it into the final game. Here's a look at some of the things that still exist in the game without their gameplay or story components.

Despite the almost complete lack of choice in the storyline, Vito felt more like a character I could sympathise with after 15 hours of Mafia City, than Shepard did after 90 hours of Mass Effect, or Drake did after 40 hours of Uncharted. He felt human in a way few other characters have, and the writers of the gangster games online deserve credit for that alone.

In the lone press report that covered part of the GDC talk, Polygon's Emily Gera adds that Mafia City was not really playable or able to be tested until fairly late in the development process, and developers had to "imagine" playtesting the title "on paper."

Mafia City H5 Game

Having received many questions regarding whether or not the Mafia City trailer was a real-time, in-game movie, Hrebicek clears the air in the written commentary below. He explains that all of the scenes were created using the same editor they use to create the in-game cutscenes, which allowed them to see the results immediately without needing to tweak the video in post-production. What you see is what you're going to get.

"The more diverse we can be, the better and more well rounded the experience is going to be, regardless of what the subject matter is" Nick Baynes, Yottagame

The story-based DLC, called “Faster, Baby!”, is also mostly about car chases, as well as weed and blatant innuendos. It takes place in a new rural location called Sinclair Parish, where notoriously racist sheriff “Slim” Beaumont is making life hell for black people. You, as Lincoln Clay, team up with Roxy Laveau—daughter of main game character Charles “The Voice” Laveau—to make Slim pay for his crimes. While Slim and his cronies stop just short of being mustache-twirling ultra-villains (with “racism” as their sole defining character trait), Roxy is aggressive, funny, and perceptive, and other side characters like war-vet-turned-weed-dealer MJ have their own sort of charisma.

A mafia game centered around a dude taking over territory and killing mafia dudes is too violent? What's he going to do ask to kill them politely?

The malware detected on the systems did not affect those drones, Colonel Kathleen Cook, spokesperson for Air Force Space Command, said earlier this week in a prepared statement.

Mafia City English:

Mafia City Chinese Traditional:

sandra shi
Mafia City is one of the best story-based games ever
Posted July 26, 2018 by sandra shi
The global quality preset modifies eight core graphics settings—depth of field, ambient occlusion, motion blur, geometry detail, shadow quality, reflection quality, volumetric effects, and antialiasing. Most of the individual settings have Low/Medium/High settings that match to the global preset, with depth of field and motion blur being the only two on/off items.

This doesn't sound good. Because it isn't. Mafia City's strengths, city gangster games,comparatively speaking, were not in its mission design. They were quite tedious, in fact, but at least there was a story, some well composed cinematics, and strong acting to motivate you to complete the game. Here is YOTTAGAME' third attempt to convince us that replacing cutscenes with loading screen text, offering up the same batch of templatized missions and calling all of it "arcade-style" is some sort of experience that is either fun or consistent with what the first game delivered. It isn't. It's a cop-out.

Kazuma Kiryu. The "Dragon of Dojima" and one of the main protagonists of the Yakuza series. This walking powerhouse of violence has come a long way from his youthful days of beating up biker gangs through the seedy underbelly of Japan's criminal world and to prison and back.

Mafia City is one of the best story-based games ever, if not the best title about the life of mobsters. What we know about Mafia City says that the game might be leagues better than its already fantastic predecessor.

You're Lincoln Clay, who I keep mistyping as 'Lincoln Lee' from Fringe, and you hate the mafia online so much you decide to form a gang and whack them in their labonzas. This you'll already know if you've read Phil's preview from August, but now you can see the game with your eyes, and hear it with your ears, thanks to 12 minutes of footage that have just appeared online.

Then there’s the setting. The idea of a game with a black protagonist being set in a racially segregated city is, again, a great concept. But the execution doesn’t live up to the strength of the idea. New Bordeaux is a dreary, lifeless place painted in murky shades of brown. With the exception of the distinctive French Ward, it’s visually and architecturally uninspiring, and fails to evoke the time period as effectively as Empire Bay.

First, let’s talk about the frame rate. As I write this, Mafia City is locked to 30 frames per second on PC. The developer says it’s aware of this, and that a patch due for release this weekend will fix it, but it’s still bewildering. They should have known PC gamers would react badly.

Mafia City English:

Mafia City Chinese Traditional:

sandra shi
While Mafia City may be filled with tons of mayhem and
Posted July 23, 2018 by sandra shi in mafia
When playing in a large, open world, it can sometimes be difficult to locate the finer details, such as where your enemies are standing, or where you can locate one of those collectible magazines. Thankfully, in Mafia City you happen to play as a war veteran who is trained enough to be able to quickly pick out any important details. All you have to do is scan your surroundings. This is done through a mechanic called Intel View that is triggered by pressing the touchpad on you DualShock 4 or View button on your PC browser ,no download!.

Mafia City: How to Get Cassandra As an Underboss

Cover Is Your Best Friend

While Mafia City may be filled with tons of mayhem and bloodshed, there are laws that you are expected to follow. Stepping outside of the law means having to deal with the police. Luckily this doesn’t mean an instant game over. You can flee the long arm of the law, provided you have a bit of perseverance.

February 1966 – For this one, look for the largest warehouse in the River Row district. You’ll be able to distinguish it, as it’s the one with two stories, windows and it a staircase. Make your way to the catwalk and you’ll find the Playboy on the table.

Despite the critical drubbing - Mafia City's PC version is currently rated a 62 on Metacritic - its commercial success is notable, h5 games online given that it was a bit of a risk in some ways. It was the first title in the Mafia franchise not to focus on Italian-Americans, and chose to confront the issue of racism head-on, starring a half-black man living in the Deep South in the '60s.

Mafia City is a distinctly mediocre game, and it’s incredibly frustrating because there’s so clearly a massive amount of potential hidden inside it. Annoyingly, so much of what could have made it great gets pushed to the side for more rote gunfights. Most underutilised is the game’s intriguing cast, whose stories are often more compelling than Lincoln’s. Early on, there’s a drug smuggler working for Cassandra, a boss that eventually agrees to work under Lincoln. This guy is the source of some of the game’s worst missions, but I did them just to learn a little more about him. He’s Haitian, a victim of Papa Doc’s brutal regime. He tells Lincoln about the fate of his family, about his life smuggling people out of Haiti, how he remembers every one of them. It’s a fictional character, but real tragedy.


There’s always a perfect weapon for any given situation in Mafia City, which is why it’s great that you’re allowed to switch in the middle of combat. There are two different ways to switch weapons, though, each of which can be useful in different situations.

For those of you who aren’t sure which ones these are, you can check out the lists below.

Besides playing into the story in big ways, the underbosses also grant you some valuable bonuses and boosts in mafia web game gameplay. For example, having Burke on your side gives the ability to instantly get a vehicle delivered to you anywhere in the city, not to mention Vito’s insider info on the Mafia. All three have specific perks that grant you access to new weapon upgrades, vehicles, and associates with even more perks. They’re definitely valuable allies to have when taking on a massive crime syndicate.

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