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bunny4385 Till
Posted May 18, 2018 by bunny4385 Till
Levia can reach level 65! This also shows that Closers Credits can travel towards the International Airport and Planar Gate Dimensional Rift 5 along with your Levia character.
We’ve began the Levia Level-Up Event! Get more information above.

The Rampage Cube is open for business! Get more information above.
We’ve started an event to celebrate the starting of 2018! Get the detailed information above.
The Domestic Costume Exchange Event is on until Monday, February 5! Get the detailed information above.

Holiday merchandise is leaving the video store.
The Levia Premium Package will not be available.
We’ve added lots of new things to the in-game EMP Shop! Get a brief overview above.
Bitna Update

We’ve added the Domestic costume set to your possible loot pool.
The buff on Dark Command accessory drops ends using this update.

We’ve added a dress-up costume achievement to the Dark Command set. This achievement could only be obtained via costume combination. If you’ve already earned the Dark Command costumes by Buy Closers Credits costume combination, you might receive the achievement automatically.
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