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George Gibson
Posted June 14, 2018 by George Gibson in Philanthropreneur
Starting a philanthropist career, usually people are at a loss: what to begin with, where to go?
Here's a letter from Rose Woods who has been working as a philanthropist at Thompson Rivers University in Canada:

"I have entrusted these things to God, and then all of this began to flood, there was also a family where I worked a little as a nurse, and I liked the child, and that apartment, because we were also a little worried because on the husbands' grandmother who lived in the house at the beginning. But then, in general, some miracle of God, I did not even expect such, I wanted to enter the conservatory, and now I was taken to the conservatory here, and I was deeply in doubt about such opportunities here for me, then again I confirm that there is nothing impossible for God, the most important thing is to entrust him with all the affairs. I, though honestly, do not know if I really will go there, because I still have a family life, and all this will have to be well thought out, is it really important for me to study yet, but the fact for me that I was taken there , then this is a miracle of God!"
Letter taken from Rose Woods' portfolio (on to buy essay org archive).