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"Politics" (micro channel ID:lace front wigs): now to recall the 2011 July 24, the press conference is what kind of feelings? You how evaluation?
Wang Yongping: on the press lace front wigs, the evaluation of the lace front wigs has been a lot of. I can only say that I have done my duty and do what I lace front wigs do.
The government: when you lace front wigs at the conference is how? You on the attitude of the media to complain?
Wang Yongping: the situation, lace front wigs me in the past any one conference are not the same. At that time the situation is confusing, the lace front wigs friends to participate in the conference, the new media has just emerged, we have no experience in the kind lace front wigs public opinion environment to deal with emergencies, and because many people in the society have a lace front wigs of different ways to full lace wigs the railway itself, especially the accident so many people, the nature is very lace front wigs, and even some media friends as the object of human hair lace front wigs, I also can understand, so there is no lace front wigs of holding.
You know that government: the lace front wigs of the accident?

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