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Wang Yongping: you say lace front wigs the history will not repeat itself; even though history repeats itself, I still have to take my responsibility, lace front wigs I will consider more comprehensive and more secure.
Son: your performance on the political conference how lace front wigs points?
Wang Yongping: the points lace front wigs not be played by me, I can only accept the judge.
"Politics" (micro channel ID:lace front wigs): a lot of people think that, despite the "7.23 car accident" you is the spokesman of the Ministry of lace front wigs, but the conference should human hair lace front wigs by the Ministry of Railways of more senior leadership.
Wang Yongping: there is this lace front wigs. At the time of the accident rescue, rehabilitation and other related work and complex, the Ministry of lace front wigs leaders need to full lace wigs on doing these work, to deal with all kinds of problems. And at the same time lace front wigs a press conference, but also held a national railway draw lessons from the accident, a good safety turn over lace front wigs of the TV conference call, so let me go first.

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