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Wang Yongping: No. He lace front wigs, in this case, you re chair the Ministry of the press release work is not appropriate, but this lace front wigs will continue, so we want to give you a look at work. Now Warsaw railway cooperation organization lace front wigs need a member to go,lace front wigs how do you see?.
Government: you agree to at lace front wigs time.
Wang Yongping: right. He said lace front wigs have any conditions, I said no conditions. On the second day of the party, so passed.
The government's (WeChat ID:lace front wigs): there was no reason publicly said you were dismissed.
Wang Yongping: right, the lace front wigs changes are normal, do not need any reason. If it is because of the fault of the work, it is another matter. lace front wigs, the leadership of the full lace wigs to find me, he also said that public opinion is now so much speculation, lace front wigs it is not your fault.
The government's: how long your lace front wigs didn't last.
Wang Yongping: very brief. After that, I lace front wigs back and pick up things that human hair lace front wigs. Second days to go to work, we have some work to report to me, I told lace front wigs what I work adjustment.
Government: when you leave, there will be lace front wigs in your work?

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