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March Alin
Posted December 8, 2017 by March Alin in Path of Exile
Path of Exile is going to be released only on December 8, but the developers decided to demonstrate a list of changes in advance.

32 new maps will be introduced, brand new battles with the Ancient and its Keepers, 48 new unique products, 6 new fortune-telling cards, new ability stones, 3D models for some things, the test league. Abyss and a new wandering exile.

Improves the effects of rarity and states on monsters, the performance of abilities, areas and monsters. The command will bring in subsurface dispersion support. There will be a significantly revised Agreement along with Baal. There will be no opportunity to strengthen the actual Path Of Exile items Whirlwind with the help of a stone of support. Ruthlessness.

There will be Transformed and Ancient Items. They will be obtained just in the regions intoxicated by the Creator and the Ancient (or after the victory over the Creator and the Ancients). Considerably reduce the chance of falling Collar Bisco associated with monsters.
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