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Tony Smith
Posted July 13, 2018 by Tony Smith in Community
Quest/Enemy Variety
I know it’s common for MMOs to reuse assets in an unprecedented rate – it is said it’s considering that the worlds are extremely big that it’d be out of the question it any way, but personally, I think they’re just fucking lazy – regardless, how often of samey quests and enemies in TERA – which rival a PS1 Final Fantasy title – are abysmal.

I’d wager that 90% in the quests in TERA ask that you simply kill a gaggle of enemies – and I’d wager again that at the least HALF of these enemies will be the same goddamn enemies as within the previous quest zone, a lot of them are the same goddamn colour. This, ultimately, produces some in the most bland, repetitive MMO gameplay on the market, and yes it’s the only reason why I probably won’t be playing TERA for a lot longer. That said, if this type of doesn’t bother you, you’ve got not worry about. It just really gets under my skin.

Equipment Crafting System
I could spend each year telling why this crafting product is the most ridiculous I’ve experienced, but I don’t have each year so I’m likely to Buy Tera Gold XBOX give you the short version. Outside the belief that you don’t ought to create almost anything to level your craft, and instead, are required to simply create 25 in the base ingredient to succeed in your cap – making ANY device, weapon or armour, requires which you grind out runes that only drop from 5-man elite enemies.

Sure, you can create smaller, all the more useless crap to runes that you just’ll have inside thousands, however if you desire to make anything halfway decent, you’ll need titan runes, also to get ‘em, you’ll must find friends, and grind your days away on hard-arse elite mobs. Yes, that’s right, if you wish to be a crafter, you have to be a badass fighter, too. Nice one.

No PvP Rankings/Rewards
I mentioned previously that I love the Outlaw System. I do. What I don’t love, is the fact NONE of my kills and deaths are recorded anywhere, NO achievements are for sale for Outlaw PvP (though, there’s plenty when you’re inside a guild), and NO rewards can be obtained to those that master hunting down other players and ending their miserable lives.

It’s almost as though Bluehole don’t would love you to use the Outlaw System in any way – it’s a wholly redundant system that they’ve stolen from Lineage 2 (in most cases, a minimum of), and created it carebear! In L2, in the event you gained Karma (Infamy) so you died – YOU LOST YO SHIT. This launched a paradigm like nothing else – you needed to REALLY need to kill a motherfucker, because risk am incredibly high that you just’d suffer the aftermaths of your actions. In TERA, killing another player over and above a Guild War or Deathmatch is purely to your entertainment – you won’t be rewarded for the skill, hell, you won’t be recognised. What’s the actual again?

The Island of Dawn
One starting zone for 8 races. In 2012. What?

Equipment Uselessness
TERA comes with an annoying habit of giving me a bag-full of crappy equipment that I don’t need, each and every time I hand in a very few quests. Often times, they’ll deliver a new weapon, and then within the quest following, give me a greater one. That’s a superb scenario. A bad you will leave me with 5 various kinds of that item, all more useless compared to the one I nabbed in the quest earlier.

Why? The simple fact is extraction. Though, when the goal for extraction ended up being rip apart a bunch of items which they give you periodically, what’s the purpose of extraction? Just result in the damn extraction items quest rewards and turn into done by it – a minimum of that way I wouldn’t need to carry around 40 pairs of gloves with Tera XBOX Items me at night everywhere I go. Also, most in the equipment design is rubbish, and since crafting is redundant, be ready to see ‘that shirt of yours’ on every person that’s your level and in the 3 class equipment type when you.