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pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Posted August 19, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon, three of the largest gaming vendors in the US have been pulling out all of the stops to get behind Hyrule Warriors, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors/ The Legend of Zelda crossover on Wii U. Specifically, each one of these retailers will be offering exclusive pre-order bonuses to fans to sway their decision. The bonus contents we’ll be getting our hands on will feature women halloween costumes unique to each store, pulled straight from classic Zelda titles. Exciting!

GameStop exclusive costumes will be drawing on the more nostalgic Zelda fans. Their bonus pack will feature additional outfits that will replicate the Link and Zelda featured originally in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, realised in 1998 for N64. Ocarina of Time is frequently heralded as one of the greatest games ever made, so I can imagine GameStop will be pulling in some massive pre-order figures from these beautiful additions.

In contrast to the classic kitty cat costume you’ll find at GameStop, Best Buy will be sending out some more recent garb for our heroes. Exclusive Skyward Sword outfits will be offered there for pre-orders. The 2011 Legend of Zelda title for Wii features a slightly more washed out, but more homely classic tunic outfit for Link, and a simplistic pink dress for Zelda.

My favourite of three has to Amazon‘s Twilight Princess edition costumes, however. These dark, heavily embellished outfits could be found on a more mature Link/Zelda, from back in 2006 on Gamecube and Wii. The looks have a certain sinister and more powerful air about them.

Where-ever you decide to pre-order your copy of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on some additional codes for The Legend of Zelda‘s ultimate big bad boss, the demon thief Ganondorf. All you have to do is register your copy of Hyrule Warriors by October 23rd on Club Nintendo and you’ll receive some additional black cat costume for the playable villain.

I’m usually not a massive fan of pre-order bonuses, but in this instance I can be swayed. I’m definitely a sucker for outfit options – if I could, I’d probably get all three sets.
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