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pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Posted August 18, 2014 by pinkqueen2014 pinkqueen2014
Bernadine Vida,photographer,and costumer for movies,theater,television and dance,recently started a new venture: overcoming breast cancer.

The life-long Redford resident has approached her surgical recovery and chemotherapy as she would many of her creative projects. She has plans in the works to design

her own head caps and like any good project manager,she is attentive to her budget. In its first week,her GoFundMe campaign has raised $1,350 of the $5,000 she

requested to help with medical expenses. She also sought support from The Pink Fund and Pink Ribbon Riders to help with household expenses until she can get back on

her feet and working full time.

"When I first learned I had it,it was a shock,"said Vida,who noticed a lump in her left breast while working as the women halloween costume designer on a cruise ship near Australia. She followed up with her doctor when she returned home in March and then took on a guest artist

residency at the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids where she coordinated a student fashion show in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Film Festival.

While she was in Grand Rapids,her doctor called,asking her to return home to hear test results and a diagnosis.

Treatment called for a mastectomy,chemotherapy and a few weeks of radiation,followed by breast reconstruction.

"My son and I walked around for a few days like zombies and cried. Then something kicked in after a couple of days of getting over the initial shock ... it washes

through the system and all of a sudden something in me clicks,"said Vida,explaining her generally upbeat attitude."I don't know what is going to happen next year or

the next five months,but I don't want to sit around being horrified and waste opportunities and time. I want to do more teaching,more lecturing. I want to travel more

and do more of my photography.”

After finishing
halloween cat costumes for the 2012 film,The Citizen,Vida began traveling the

world,designing and making sexy panda costume for performers on cruise ships. She also

photographed the countries she visited. Her photography is available at her Foreignography website, and at her Etsy

shop,,which also offers pillows,sleep masks,skirts and other items for sale.
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