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Walter Odum
Posted August 10, 2016 by Walter Odum in FIFA 17
First of all,I hope that we are going to have a civil discussion.So,through the years i have been a big FIFA fan.I have bought every single FIFA since FIFA06,with the exception of FIFA14 and FIFA16.Thus,after skipping a year and hearing that FIFA17 will have the Frostbite engine,i was excited.The new changes may be few,but they seem cool,and in my case i have the advantage of not experiencing the changes of FIFA16.What i really like about FIFA is the licenses,the frequent roster and boots upgrades,the whole match experience,that help you get immersed.However,I am kinda alarmed by the many complaints about FIFA16,as the demo seemed fine to me. By the way, if you need buy fifa 17 points for your team, welcome to our site.

In the same time frame(2005-today),I had only bought only 2-3 PES titles.The gameplay was more arcade-y and in some cases worse,but the real problem was the licenses.Sure they have maybe the most important license(the Champions League),but it isn't cool to play the CL with North London.That said,i heard that PES 2016 was pretty decent and that PES 2017 is going to fix the problems and add cool stuff,like adaptive AI,more depth in tactics etc.Plus,i also heard that in PS4 you can fix the teams,logos etc via community option files.

The second to last point is pretty big.I RARELY PLAY ONLINE IN FIFA.I usually play in the Career Mode,the matchday matches or custom tournaments.One big complaint about FIFA15,which neither was fixed in FIFA16 from what i've heard nor has it been advertised for FIFA17,is that whether you play against West Ham or Real Madrid,it has little to no difference.I play almost all my matches with Barcelona(more on that on a moment).That means that i expect to breeze past teams like Getafe or Rayo scoring multiple goals,face some difficulty against teams like Sevilla and Bilbao but still win if i play well enough,and finally have intense matches against Real,Atletico or Bayern,in which i have to give my 100% and still the victory won't be certain.This unfortunately doesn't happen in FIFA.It all has to do with the difficulty setting.If you play on Professional,you are going to easily win against any team,whether it's Espanyol or Real.If you play on WC or Legendary,every team is going to have 90% passing and intercept your every move.On the other hand,PES2016(and probably PES2017) seems to be doing far better regarding this,as they have more advanced tactics etc(again i haven't played any recent PES,it's what i heard).

That said,despite these sirens,i was fully committed to buying FIFA this year.However,when KONAMI announced the deal with FC Barcelona,i was caught up in a bad situation.The legendary Camp Nou won't be in FIFA17.I play like 95% of my matches with FCB,which means that almost half of them take place in this stadium,so you can understand that i would prefer having the real thing rather than O Dromo or something.Plus,that's what we can be sure of.I guess that not having the real Barcelona/having fake kits and logo is a stretch,but i wouldn't be surprised if no player receives a new face scan in FIFA17.

In conclusion,i guess that you can see the dilemma i face.On the one hand we have my beloved FIFA,with the better presentation and realism,its pros and cons in gameplay,but the lack of Camp Nou.On the other hand we have PES2017,which seems to have better and more in depth gameplay,with the Camp Nou and fantastic face scans for my favourite club,but the amateurish lack of licenses,proper rosters etc(sure some of them can be fixed through the option files,but still it isn't the same authentic thing.For example you can't add stadiums.Sure i want to play in the Camp Nou,but i don't want to miss the Bernabeu,Anfield,Old Trafford,Allianz Arena,Stamford Bridge,Emirates,Vincente Calderon,San Siro etc).

I started this thread having the FCBarcelona fans in mind,but i think that it applies to most of the fanbase.Before the FCB-KONAMI agreement,i guess i was like "FIFA17 80-20 PES2017" just for the licenses and presentation,but right now i'm like "FIFA17 45-55 PES2017'.I guess that i am going to try both demos and experience the gameplay first hand.If PES is indeed better,then i might turn to the dark side to get FCB
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