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There are Couples of Great Tips to Help You Deal with P
Posted October 12, 2017 by toner cartridges
There are many problems when people install the toner cartridges for printing. Many people will find that even if the quality of toner cartridge and carbon powder has no problems, they still meet some annoying circumstance such as print the handwriting is not clear, black line and black edge when printing, this kind of circumstance, really let people break a brain.

Don’t worry, then let’ me teach you how to fundamentally solve some of most common problems in print.

1. The handwriting in the middle part is not clear The carbon powder is very full for printing, why is the middle part of the printing is unclear or not printed? I think you must be very crazy about this situation and doubt that if it’s the toner cartridge has problems. In fact, you can shake it lightly to make the toner evenly distributed, then the problem can solve easily.

2. There are some bottom ash when printing Some people may find that there is no problem before adding powder, but they incredibly find bottom ash after adding carbon powder. What’s resulting in this problem? There are mainly three reasons for it: one is you didn’t choose a good toner and it hurts the printer; two is you have chosen the proper toner, but you didn’t clean up the waste powder bin and magnetic roller, which also leads to this problem; the third reason is the conductivity of the OPC copper sheet is poor. To solve this problem, firstly you should take notes that choosing the cost-effective, high compatible, high blankness and no pollution of toner, such as CF226X toner, it’s very important to buy a reliable and high quality one, if you get an inferior one, it will arise many printing problems; the second thing is clean up the powder storehouse. Because the two different brands toners mixed together will not help print the ideal printing effect, if it’s difficult to clean up the powder storehouse, you’ve better use vacuum cleaner to absorb the remaining powder and ink, which it’s fast and more convenient. Finally if the first and the second points are excluded, there is need for you to ask for technical personnel to deal with the problem of the OPC copper.

3. Appear some full black or white pages When you get the full black pages when you printing, this is because the charging roller is not in place or off, so you can just remove it and reinstall it again. If you get the full white pages, it is the magnetic roller damaged or is bad contact, all you should do is change a new one to solve this problems.

4. Abnormal sound when printing There are two reasons for the slight abnormal sound when printing: one is the toner cartridge is not installed properly; the other is some parts shifted during the transportation. Therefore, you can take it out and install it again, if there is still has abnormal sound, then reinstall the displaced parts