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 Richard  Betts
Posted December 14, 2017 by Richard Betts in poe news
As you know, we are getting closer and closer to Path Of Exile War For The Atlas and we wanted to take a break from telling you that we are the cheapest and best place to buy POE currency online. Today we are sharing with you shaper helmet that we found on the POE forums. Of course, we do not know for certain how the new skill gems will affect gameplay, but we have a feeling that these builds will work great for most of you guys, or at the very least you will have fun trying them out during the Abyss League. Look at some people's opinions.

1) Yeah, but everyone has been posting shaper/elder items since the league came out and everyone thinks they've found the next mirror worthy item. It's a super nice helmet, don't get me wrong, but not everything out there is going to be in the double digit exault range, now or by the end of the league. A lot of builds could use this, but not the spell damage. It doesn't even offer DEX,INT or STR numbers to boost it.

2) I think the joke is that wands can roll all of those mods on them except for life; "added to spells" is a common wand prefix so he's just making a joke that his helmet looks more like a wand stats wise.

3) I really don't understand the shitty 5 link one handers with average dps and people freaking out about it. like it's a 5link and youre sacrificing having an actual high dps weapon for it. This helmet is actually pretty legit though.

4) The 5L weapons aren't mirror worthy, but they do let you go dual wield with a kaoms heart if you want to. You don't need a 6L for a while. Or you can have a clearing skill on your weapon and bossing skill on your 6L chest (or vice versa). If I were running sunder gladiator like I did last league as my starter, I'd definitely buy a weapon like that. I ran a 5L up until T12 or 13 and was fine. A 5L warchief in addition to my sunder setup would have been really helpful.

What Do You Think About the Shaper Helmet? We await your opinions! Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas is now live! So when is War for the Atlas Xbox One released? We'll let you know as soon as we know the date. May be around December 16. However, you can buy poe 3.1 xbox currency in advance.
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