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 Richard  Betts
Posted December 25, 2017 by Richard Betts in poe guide
Came back to Path of Exile recently and decided to try to get the ascendancy points. Things is I think I suck hard, because I died a few times even though I outleveled the zone by like 10 lvls lol. Anyways, finished the normal one but now i think I'm gonna get rekt again in cruel. There are some tips you guys can give you to do better. Given that you can handle mobs easily, and traps are your only concern, I'd recommend having several flasks for the labyrinth.

The first flask you want is a quicksilver flask of adrenaline. The double speed boost is enough to allow you to escape any trap you misjudge the timing on. The alchemist prefix will give even more boost if you can roll/buy it, but it'll be expensive. The worst/cheapest roll runs 2c, and quickly approaches "offer only" territory.

The second flask you'll want is a life flask with a prefix that gives instant healing. Panicked, seething, and bubbling all work. For your suffix you'll want Staunching, since it stops bleed damage. I'd suggest bubbling as the best prefix, because it gives instant healing, but also some healing over time.

In contrast to VanBuzzKill's answer, I'd suggest not relying on a life flask of adrenaline. When a life flasks life (or mana flasks mana) regen effect ends, so do all the other bonuses it provides via affixes, therefore you should always try to have utility affixes on utility flasks in order to get the full duration. Staunching works for a life flask because you will be popping it as a panic flask anyway.

For your third flask, just copy the second.

#4 and #5 are up to you, but if traps are really really what scare you, instant heal flasks and more quicksilvers will never hurt.

A few notes on how flasks work: As noted above, useful suffix effects only last as long as the flask's base effect does, so life flasks and mana flasks are terrible choices for a utility suffix. Once your life or mana hits 100%, the flask effect ends. Any utility suffix such as bleeding immunity, curse immunity, resists, defenses, ele status immunity... should always be used via a utility flask so the duration of the boost won't unexpectedly expire.

Lastly, never forget about movement skills. a Brightbeak leap slam with faster attacks in your alternate weapon slot is just as effective an escape as a good quicksilver. Flamedash, blink arrow, whirling blades, lightning warp, and flicker strike can all also be good, if in a more situational manner.

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