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v4ink toner
Posted August 12, 2017 by v4ink toner
Why need to choose good quality printer supplies? if the use of inferior supplies will not only cause harm to human health, and serious also cause cancer. Printer to work for a family, that is no stranger. Always use it when you print a document, data, and report. But not so people have to understand this area.

There are three major factors in the printer constitute a health threat to our body, they are: printer toner supplies the production process, toner cartridges, toner raw materials.

First, the production process: part of the original non-original supplies in order to maximize profits, very little investment in the environmental performance of supplies to improve the level of its products can be seen the level of environmental protection. More worrying is the quality of filling supplies, such supplies due to damage to the factory supplies sealed state, resulting in the most common problem is leakage powder. Leakage of toner can cause great safety hazards - the impact on the life of the printer. For example, cause a short circuit board, making the printer working state abnormal. If the leaked toner sticks to the fixing roller, it will cause the fixing film to be damaged. If you are using filling supplies, you can open the printer supplies door, if you have seen the warehouse has leaked toner, then your printer must also be "ill."

Second, the cartridge material: lead-free materials manufacturing in the field of office equipment is also a major trend. Aopen supplies have been insisting on the use of lead-free materials in their compatible consumables for the production of consumable components such as cartridges, through the European strict ROHS certification, to ensure that products do not affect the health requirements of human health. However, in some low-quality counterfeit supplies, still use a lot of toxic ingredients containing lead solder and other toxic substances, if the user long-term work in these ingredients containing toxic ingredients, will cause a great threat to human health.

Third, the toner material: the raw materials in the toner, and now both the original supplies or compatible supplies, including a lot of office equipment manufacturers are constantly improving the ink and toner process, making supplies more environmentally friendly products meet the needs of modern office. For the sake of corporate social responsibility, there are a lot of supplies manufacturers are also possible to reduce the toner in the toxic and heavy metal content, in order to reduce these substances on the user and the environment damage. In turn, some bad counterfeit supplies are made from a large number of cheap industrial chemical raw materials, which themselves become the culprit of the threat to human health.

In summary, the purchase of good printer toner supplies on their own health is very important.Printer brand of V4INK will be your best choose,come here and we are waiting you all the time.
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