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venynx jack
Posted October 13, 2018 by venynx jack

You don’t need a Master’s degree to figure out that flying on the Thursday before a long weekend and dashing back on the Sunday night is the most expensive time to fly. But did you know that even the day you make an online booking can affect your holiday’s bottom line?佐賀から東京航空券

According to Demi Kavaratzis, director of tours and transport at Expedia, Saturday is the cheapest day for booking international flights from Australia. Domestically, forget about Fridays (presumably that’s the day everyone’s bored at work and scanning the airlines’ websites) and instead book on a Sunday if you want to grab the best deals. So timing is everything. Well, almost. Here are some other factors to consider when searching for flights online.
Airfares can be much more expensive when flying into large international airports, usually due to airport taxes and airline capacity,” says David Galt, country manager of Webjet for Australia and New Zealand. Instead, consider flying into a smaller airport like Amsterdam instead of London, for example.

Chances are you’ll save hundreds of dollars on the flight which will more than cover the costs of scooting across the channel by rail or sea. That said, don’t discount the big airports altogether, because sometimes the reverse is true. Data compiled by Skyscanner in the UK found that flying from London’s Gatwick to certain destinations in Europe can be cheaper than from London Luton. The trick is to research thoroughly and don’t rule anything out.
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