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venynx jack
Posted December 7, 2018 by venynx jack
Flights to Beijing

The capital of the People’s Republic of China is a magical place rich with history and culture. Formerly known as Peking, the city is more than 3,000 years old, but has been inhabited long before that. Peking Man is the name given the discovery of human remains dating back 700,000 years.飛機票

One of the most populated cities in the world with more than 21 million residents, Beijing is the home of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games – and hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. It is world renown for its stunning architecture, both ancient and contemporary. Here visitors can tour the splendor of The Forbidden City, the expanse of Tiananmen Square, and the vastness of the Great Wall of China.

For a more intimate look at daily life, there are the hutongs, neighborhoods of ancient narrow alleyways where daily life unfolds. Here visitors can explore private residences, gardens, workshops, vendors, and public baths.

One thing visitors are advised to prepare for is the city’s notorious air pollution. Be sure to monitor the levels, which can rise and fall with the weather. Reserve outdoor activities like gardens and temples for good air days and indoor activities like museums on bad air days.
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