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Willie Corbeil
Posted September 19, 2018 by Willie Corbeil in Real Estate
The space within which you work is as important as where you live permanently because most people spend a majority of their time at work. Just as designing your home demands, workplace designing demands the same level of personality, sereneness, privacy, hospitality and security. It is however one of the places which is mostly ignored when it comes to aesthetics coupled with functionality. Most times, when the workspace is designed there is little thought given to how the employees think about the space or how they will function as a whole and individually. What is given thought is how well it can be designed to make it a workable space. This should however not be the case. Here are some great tips on how to design your workspace.

1. Seek employee opinions

This is one of the most important to consider when planning and before you start designing your workspace. If the workspace is supposed to take only one person, just ask the one who will be using it how he or she wants the place to be. They will give you clues you can start the design process with. If you are the one going to use it, you should consider what you have envisioned for the space and how well it can be implemented.

2. Design the space as you would design your permanent living space

As said earlier, this is one of the things people hardly consider when designing work spaces. However, this is how the perfect workspace is designed. A workspace that you can always look forward to working in and always be comfortable using is one that is designed to not only be functional, but also suit your personal taste. It is likely you will be spending most of your time working especially if you have a typical 9-5 working schedule and spaces that are designed to meet the standards of a permanent personal living space is likely to be more comfortable working in than those that are not designed that way.

3. Consider seating arrangement carefully

When it comes to productivity, distractions are some of the top reasons performance of employees and the whole business dips. This is why seating arrangement should be one of the most important things to consider when designing a work space. Arrangement of seats should be done in a way that will minimize distractions. Seats should not directly face windows, as this can be an easy way to get distracted. If it becomes necessary to let the seats face the windows, there should be blinds that cover the windows or some sort of material that does not allow easy viewing through the windows.

4. Create a space that allows movement in the workspace

The health of the people working in the workspace is as important as the work they do itself. It is important to arrange seating and gadgets in such a way that it is within easy reach but however workers have to move out of their seats to get to each other and the equipment in the workspace. This forces workers out of their seats time after time in order to prevent laziness and health problems from sitting at the same place too long.
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