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Willie Corbeil
Posted September 18, 2018 by Willie Corbeil in Locksmith
Vehicles are great for transportation from one area to the other. Owning a vehicle affords you the opportunity of comfort and allows you a faster access to destination. However, with such great comfort comes great responsibilities.

Several car owners have at some point had problems with their car keys either as a result of losing it, locking the key inside the vehicle or other situations. In such conditions as this, the fastest, cheapest and easiest option would be to retrieve the spare key from wherever it had been kept. However, some car owners do not have a spare key thus putting them in an emotionally and financially demanding situation.
As a car owner without a spare car key, you should not wait till you are in a fix to get one. Considering the importance of getting a spare key for your vehicle? Below are some reasons to get a spare key.

1. Locking your keys in the car

As ridiculous as this may sound, vehicle lockout is as common as you could ever imagine. Vehicle lockout occurs in a split of a second as one moment you’re rushing out of the vehicle to attend to a pressing situation, the next moment, you realize you left the key in the ignition and now, you’re locked out. In cases such as this, you are presented with two options with the best and cheapest option being to retrieve your spare key from wherever you kept it. However, in the absence of a spare key, you may be forced to spend extra money on hiring the services of an auto locksmith.

2. Losing your car keys

Losing your car keys can be a devastating experience as you are in panic mode as regards how it happened. While most persons retrace their steps and may in some cases find the keys, others may most likely not be as lucky. In such situations as this, not having a spare key puts you in a tough financial situation as the car may need a total lock change or in some cases need to be rekeyed. However, possessing a spare key would save you from the physical, emotional and financial stress associated with losing your car keys.

3. Copying your keys is so much easier and cheaper compared to making new ones

It remains one of the best financial choices to copy your keys for contingency sake. In most cases, copying the key takes far less time, can be done at your convenience and in addition costs lesser compared to having to lose your keys then making a new one. Asides the financial demands of making a new key, there could also be some security concerns also.

4. When your smart key battery goes dead

While you may not lose your car keys, you may fall prey to a similar issue especially when in possession of a smart key. When the battery on your smart key goes off, the key becomes as good as useless and can only be remedied by using your spare key till you can reach out to a trusted locksmith to have the smart key battery fixed.

For more information on auto locks and how to protect yourself and vehicle, visit for more information.
xiaoju xiaojun wrote at October 5, 2018
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