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Willie Corbeil
Posted July 13, 2018 by Willie Corbeil in Metal Retailer

Comparing to the stock and shares, buy silver coin or buy gold coin is a more secure option. In recent studies, analysis predicts that gold and silver coins will be more valuable than any other investments.

Now let’s look at some tips on a safe investment. Please follow the instructions very carefully...

1. Knowing Your Risk Factor

First, remember that all kinds of investments have a risk factor. Comparing to all investments, precious metals are considered as a safe investment. They can hold their price and they are known two best popular investments in the world. Whenever currency loses its value or shaky period of government, traders often try to buy precious metal as much as possible because they know that this is the safe investment over the share or stock.

One thing you should remember that the value of gold or silver coin might go up and down. There are many reasons for that. Suppose, in a year lots of silver mined in a mining company. This can drop the value of the silver coin in the market.

Or, silver coins is not mined which can drive the prices up. In this case, no one can predict when the price will go up and the time to buy the silver coin. Precious metal is always a perfect investment for small investors. They can take the low risk and invest their money on Gold or silver.

2. Types of Gold or Silver You Should Purchase

There are lots of options of silver and gold to consider as an investment. Coins, bars, bullion are some of the types where you can invest your money. Now the real question is what type of metal you should buy?

Coins are very suitable as an investment. They are very easy to carry and transportable. However, there are various types of coins available in the market. Some of them are almost a ounce.

There is another coin which is called numismatic coins. These coins are actually collector’s item. Sometimes they are valued very high price due to their rare imprints.

Coins are convenient. They’re small and transportable, which might suit a small-scale investor. However, there are different types of coins. Some are weighed out to be a single ounce of gold and silver.

On the other side, there are numismatic coins – these are collector’s items. They do sometimes have a very high value if they are particularly rare imprints.

Now let's talk about bars. They come in different sizes and weights. From the biggest gold bar (250 kg) to 1g gold bar are available.

3. Physical Control Over

Among all of your property gold and silver coin is the best. You have total control over your gold or silver coins. There are lots of hassles keeping other physical investment like property or cash. Comparing them gold or silver is totally hassle-free and also a safe investment.

4. Places You can Keep Your Gold and Silver

Before buying these precious metals you should secure a place for your gold or silver metals. Thieves or burglars can steal your precious metal at any time. So you need to rethink before storing your precious metal. You can keep them in a safe deposit box or in a bank.

So why not buying your gold or silver coin today. There are many traditional and online shops (LPM) are readily available to give your precious metal.
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