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xing wang
Posted May 18, 2018 by xing wang in Non-Profit
Along with this, the XP distribution is being turned around: XP is only available for online games. The distribution depends on the playing time of the game in combination with the points achieved in it. Also essential is a multi-tiered bonus system: XP bonuses will be given for games played to the end, for multiple consecutive games and for playing with friends. Who leaves a game prematurely, will be punished simultaneously. Action weekends with double XP may not be missing.

Not unimportant is the "Rocket Pass": Psyonix would like to offer players additional ways to Rocket League Keys collect items. There will be several game unlockable levels, each rewarded with items. After a few months, there will be a new Rocket Pass with new items.

Although the details of the Rocket Pass still need to be worked out, there should also be a paid path next to a free path. The former should have cosmetic items, decryptors and in-game titles. The paid version is not yet specified. Each level should have the same price and offer the opportunity to preview the items contained.
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