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xing wang
Posted June 14, 2018 by xing wang in Non-Profit
From the goal-goal line chart, the goal expectations for the two sides in this game are almost the same as for the G4. The whole game has a weak advantage over the other, but the game is dominated by the Washington capital. With respect to NHL 18 Coins the Golden Knight, the linear performance of the game was a lot steeper on the game, indicating that the Golden Knights' offensive in this game has improved, and the high-quality shooting has given the capital people a slight threat.

Combined with the final score and linear performance, the Golden Knight's three goals have been higher than the expected goal of 2.68, indicating that the game's Golden Knight's luck is good, thanks to the two controversial balls in the game, the referee Have made a favorable and Golden Knight penalty. For the capitalists, the offensive efficiency of the game continued the excellent state of the previous games, and the high-quality shots throughout the game. A slight advantage also allows them to keep the rhythm of the game and it is indeed worthwhile to win.
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