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xing wang
Posted March 14, 2019 by xing wang
The Starbase ARC amphitheatre isn't just an rocket league items alarming analytic arena, it's a in actuality new affectionate of map entering the advancing and accidental playlists. The amphitheatre is octagonal instead of ellipsoidal — just like the octagon map from the Rocket Labs playlist — so the acreage will not be in actuality what a lot of players are acclimated to.

As for the new space-themed car, it's alleged Vulcan, and costs $1.99. Vulcan has a appealing altered attending in the Rocket League car agenda and its aback wings bend out if it hits supersonic speed.

The Rocket League aggregation fabricated a behind-the-scenes video talking about the new map and car and how they advised some of the new appearance in Starbase ARC

Speaking of maps that don't fit the norm, Rocket League now allows players to baddest which maps they adopt to play on if they chain up for online matches. If you're one of those players who abandoned wants to play on accustomed maps and not Neo Tokyo or Wasteland, this will advice you abstain assertive maps.

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