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The Real Philanthropist Website Launched!

Posted on 11/9/11

Sherman Oaks, CA. -- The Real Philanthropist, a newly established online community portal that serves as a platform to promote Philanthropists, has announced today its “soft launching” of the site.

According to Claudia Pinto, creator of The Real Philanthropist, its main purpose is to attract people who love to promote philanthropy join the site and contribute information in support of their favorite Philanthropist.

“We can all make a difference even if is by just taking five minutes to share something inspirational or something positive to the world in contrast to all the negative news we hear and see every day,” said Pinto as one of the key messages.

She has met wonderful and real Philanthropists whom are not known to anyone outside their circle of influence, that is why she created a platform to bring them all together without distinction and give the recognition they deserve.

Claudia Pinto, who is also the founder of a non-profit organization added, “The site is unique and there is no other like it!”

The Real Philanthropist is a free online community that allows its members to promote their favorite Philanthropist. Their aim is to bring people together with the same interests all under the same roof.
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